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Human Safeguards: Security of Information Systems

The case study:
Discuss some human safeguards for employees that can ensure the security of information systems.

Safeguards include having policies and procedures in place; identifying which employees have access to what "IS" data. It is not only vital to develop such documents, but they must also be followed. If violations occur, there needs to be consequences that are followed. Doing so will show all employees that breach of security is not tolerated.

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With any information system, there must be stringent "checks and balances" on whom accesses data, how it is used; along with a clearly defined process for reporting and dealing with abuse. For example, a large organization has a Human Resource Department (HRD) of over 30 people. Responsibilities of the HRD include management of the Human Resource Information System (HRIS). This includes HRD ...

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This solution is over 250 words and provides several examples of the "human safeguards" (employees) can take to ensure security of information systems are not violated. These includes audit procedures, a "check and balance" of who accesses the data and for what reasons. Any unauthorized access should have an investigation via an organization protocol.