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    Still learning about IAEA

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    Can you describe the IAEA Safeguards System?. Can you briefly discuss and evaluate the different forms of inspections
    implemented by the IAEA within the framework of the non-proliferation agreement with each state?
    Also, if you would describe the inspector activities before, during, and after the inspection, that would solidify it.

    Need about 1100-1500ish words with solid references.

    Let me know if you have time, otherwise, I will have to open to the group. Thank you!

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    In reference to the safeguards that are implemented by the IAEA to ensure compliance with the non-nuclear weaponry treaty that countries have signed, these are characterized by the activities that allow the agency the autonomy to verify that signees are not engaging in any nuclear-weaponry actions and honoring their international commitment to only sue their nuclear programs for peaceful purposes. The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) as well as other international treaties give the IAEA exclusive domain over the inspectorate functions for nuclear sites in any country that is a signatory to these international treaties. These agreements are enforceable for over 140 nation states wherein the IAEA is granted the authority to engage in safeguards of nuclear material and activities that are placated upon the use of assessments to deduce whether nation states have correctly and completely upheld their international commitments regarding any nuclear material and nuclear-related activities they have declared to be in accordance with these treaties.

    The verification measures that are used to implement these safeguards include but are not limited to on-site inspections, visits, continuous monitoring and evaluation, and are predicated upon two sets that represent the primary safeguards that are enforced with the international agreements that nation states have signed. The first set is predicated upon ensuring that any nation State that ...

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