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    IDMS and alpha-spec

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    Hello, I am looking for about 500 words and some references to describe these particular methods used by the IAEA to confirm the absence of undeclared nuclear activities and material at the different nuclear facilities within the nuclear fuel cycle, particularly just a focus on methods used for Isotopic (IDMS,...) and Particle (α-spectr,...). If you can add a link to a good descriptive picture, that would be great too. Let me know, thanks.

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    In reference to the nuclear safeguards that are used by the IAEA in regard to alpha spectrometry and IDMs, the current technology utilizes a suitable tracer that is referred to as a spike, which is in accordance with the preferred method to mitigate issues associated with tail contribution as a result of the degrading of energy that occurs during alpha spectrum nuclear activities. By utilizing this method, IAEA monitors have the ability to eliminate the uncertainty that is present with the steps taken to prepare samples for analysis as these steps require an elaborate approach that results in chemical yields that can cause misdiagnoses. In addition to the aforementioned technology, it is possible to utilize high resolution alpha spectrometry in a method that enables the deconvolution algorithms to ...

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    IDMS and alpha-spec are examined.