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Compound Naming: Aliphatic Hydrocarbon

Attached is the IR, NMR and Mass spec of a compound included is the formula molecular weight. Write a structure consistent with the data and draw a molecular ion. I have circled the OH Peak.


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From the IR spec, it is clear that the compound is an aliphatic hydrocarbon, since there is no absorption between 1450 and 1650 cm-1.

The carbon-13 NMR tells us that there are 4 types of carbon connectivities, likely C-O, -CH2-, -CH-, and -CH3. It also ...

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The solution explains how you know this is an aliphatic hydrocarbon, what types of carbon connectivities there are and gives chemical formula for the compound. In mass spec, alcohols dehydrate easily, so the structure of the molecular ion is drawn out an attached.