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maintain referential integrity of the database

Using the final table list you created for Learning Event 3, select the Primary Keys for each table in your list. Then, select one of your tables and complete field specifications for each field. Use the field specifications sheet located on page 286 (Figure 9-1) of your textbook.

Note: Your field specifications sheet does not have to have the same format as the one in your text. Just be sure to provide the same information.


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Primary key: Customer ID. In case there is no customer ID, then use customers name and address.

Primary key: Product ID(Product name). In case there is no product ID, then use product name, provided that each product has a different name.

Suppliers: Primary key: Supplier ID. In case there is no supplier ID, then use supplier's name and address.
Orders: Order ID.

Primary key: event locating, description date and product number.

Field specification for Events table:

General Elements:
Field Name: location spec type: generic
parent table: events source spec: none
Label: location
Shared by: none
Alias: none
Description: a ...

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How to maintain referential integrity of the database is achieved.