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supporting data integrity in a database

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Explain the key concepts that are involved in supporting data integrity in a database. How is integrity enforced? What are the advantages of enforcing integrity? What are the disadvantages? How do integrity constraints impact the overall application design?

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Data integrity is examined.

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Explain the key concepts that are involved in supporting data integrity in a database.

Data integrity is one of the cornerstone of any relational databases. Simply state, data integrity means that the data values in the database must be correct and consistent.

"Normalization" is a model used to avoid redundancy ... don't put the same information in more than one place!

Keys: Keys are used to index (or sort) tables and to reference information in other tables.
A primary key requires unique data in that specific field and is sorted in the current table; it can be used as a foreign key reference from another table. A foreign key references data in a different table. A composite key consists of more than one field.

Data relationships: Data file relationships are generally recognized as "1:1"; "1:many"; or "many:many".

How is integrity enforced?

Data integrity is enforced by means of "entity" and "referential" integrity rules. Although not part of the relational model, most database software enforce ...

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