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Iran-USA Relations Reccomendations

Recommendations for Iran:

1. Offer a Diplomatic solution best for the people of Iran and the US (Should it be more specific?)
2. Offer to work with Iran on issues of common concern, including the situation in Iraq

Any ideas for possible recommendations for the US?

Also, do you know of any websites I can go to for the most current events on Iran's nuclear program? The paper has to be on a current topic. I want to be sure this topic is still an issue today.

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There have been some offers talked about in general terms, but you might consider also doing some research on past deals with North Korea regarding their nuclear program.

The main points of most proposals are to provide economic incentives and technical assistance in exchange for transparency via inspections to ensure the energy programs remain for civilian or peaceful purposes.

The stickler in these proposals is always the inspection/verification process. As you may find, the North Koreans essentially cheated on the last agreement they had with the US and conducted secret activities that broke the terms of the agreement - which is why the US (and others) are locked in disputes/negotiations with North Korea right now.

Of course, you should consider not only carrots, but possible sticks to compel the Iranians to comply. These can be various forms of economic sanctions - particularly those that are targeted specifically to retard nuclear energy development, but also to make international loans difficult to acquire. The US could also threaten to seize Iranian assets, but that is usually done in response to acts of aggression or criminal acts - not as part of a negotiation.

Since you would like a solution that takes into account the interests of the people of Iran, potential sanctions could be discussed that would limit the impact on them. The Oil for Food Program that was once administered by the UN vis-à-vis Iraq under Saddam Hussein was an attempt to soften the impact of sanctions on the Iraqi people. Saddam's ...

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The solution provides points and recommendations in terms of policies and discussions on diplomatic solutions that can be engaged in by the US and Iran to ease the tensions between the two nations. The solution also provides a list of resources to aid the research.