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Effectively utilizing National Instruments of Power

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Scenario: You are a member of the NSC staff tasked to recommend a strategy outlining an integrated use of the Instruments of Power (IOPs) for a US response to the notional 2021 Iranian nuclear test crisis (reference the scenario-based documents below) . You have two objectives:

First, produce a US strategy which applies the instruments of power in an integrated manner to address the given security issue. Ensure your strategy is consistent with US policy and the state of international affairs in the notional 2021 scenario.

Second, explain which international relations (IR) perspective(s) (realism, liberalism and constructivism) influenced your decisions and why.

Note on how the US should apply the IOPs: Keep in mind that we are essentially looking for your recommendations on how the IOPs should be used. (Don't spend too much time describing the issue; focus your efforts on recommendations.) You should give due consideration to all the instruments of power in developing your response and not focus solely on one or two instruments that may, at first, appear best aligned with your selected strategy. The best recommendations are ones that are clear, concrete, and as specific as possible. Your recommendations should be accompanied by reasons for each recommendation (this helps to demonstrate your understanding of the issues). Ask yourself: Have I demonstrated adequate justification for each recommendation? Have I integrated my recommendations? Have I applied my chosen IR perspective(s) consistently in my recommendations?

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The first instrument of power that will be utilized in this integrated strategy to respond to the 2021 Iranian nuclear test crisis will be United States diplomatic power. I recommend that this power be utilized as a means by which to gain an increased level of diplomatic relations with Iranian leadership, as well as to increase the communication between Iran and the United States, so that United States diplomats can make it clear to Iranian leaders that these nuclear tests will lead to greater harm than good for Iran and the rest of the world. This would be an instrumental step in respect of diplomacy, due to the fact that it will be possible for United States diplomats to make deals with Iran in which there could be a greater level of trade between these two countries which would much more beneficial to Iran than nuclear testing. In addition, United States diplomatic power should be utilized as a means by which to gain the allegiance of other nations in that region and around the world in condemning these nuclear tests due to the apparent dangers that they pose to the region and the international community. This can be utilized as a means by which to prompt other world leaders to engage in a high level of diplomatic relations and discussions with Iran, which may influence the Iranian leaders that the continuation of these tests would lead to isolation from the world community, which would have dire consequences for the Iranian people and their economy etc. Due to this factor, the international relations perspective of realism has influenced my decision in respect to this component of the integrated instrument of power strategy. This is due to the fact that the factual nature of the potential danger of this crisis warrant that a high level of diplomacy ...

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