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    IAEA Nuclear Available Tools

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    Hello, can you help me with more IAEA stuff? Need 2 or 3 more references and 1200-1500 words to get some understanding of these new bullet points:

    *Describe the available tools the IAEA is using to effectively implement safeguards measures in those States with integrated safeguards.

    *Describe the origin, purpose, and implementation of the Additional Protocol.

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    Describe the available tools the IAEA is using to effectively implement safeguards measures in States with integrated safeguards.

    In reference to the available tools that are at the disposal for the IAEA, they use four fundamental processes when implementing safeguard measures. These include collection and evaluation of information, collaboration with the nation state to conduct evaluations of the safeguard activities that the state is promulgating or alleging to have implemented. These are conducted within the field as well as at the headquarters wherein the final process entails conclusions of the safegaurds' wherein the IAEA is capable of performing the necessary activities to deduce whether or not the nation state is adhering to their obligations under international agreements. This analysis entails analyzing the relevant information that is appropriated by the nation state to remain in compliance with the regulations.

    Information is collected by the IAEA from nation states through the use of reports or declarations, activities conducted in the field by the IAEA that enables the IAEA to verify any nuclear material accounting that has been reported by the nation state, and information that is provided by third parties. The use of reviews are important because they enable the IAEA the ability to review any declarations made by nation states, which is important for determining whether there is internal consistency in comparison with consistency that has been accumulated by the IAEA to ascertain whether there are anomalies or inconsistencies in the information. This allows the IAEA to engage in timely consultations that can identify any necessary actions that must be taken by the state to ...

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    The expert describes the available tools the IAEA is using to effectively implement safeguard measures in those states with integrated safeguards.