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Human Resources Management

Role of compensation and its influence on employee behavior

You are an HR professional. Put together a memo-type document to supervisors that will help them come to the realization that frequent feedback and recognition has a more powerful impact than a review once a year accompanied by a merit pay increase. In the memo-type document, be sure that the supervisors get the idea of how resu

Human Resource Management

Help answer and briefly explain 1. Human Resources Management includes all of the following except: A. conducting job analysis B. production forecasts C. orienting and training new employees D. building employee commitment E. establishing pay structures 2. The specific HR course of action

I need assistance in implementing needed information on transformative change

I need assistance in implementing needed information on transformative change. Please assist me with the following: 1. Do you think it is worthwhile for a corporation to hire a change management consultant to help the company through a period of major change? Justify your answer. 2. What role does the consultant have in

Four functions of managers

I need help in a creating an 800 word job description using the following scenario.You have been asked by HR to produce and coordinate a job description for a service department line management position in the services department. You are happy for this opportunity because you have witnessed several of the workers on the line be

Personal Work Environment Paper

Imagine you have your own business, and sell online and have a store-front. Analyze the amount, types, options, location, and speed of communications you practice at your job. How it applies to your work environment in a 700-1050 word paper. Include your communication analysis. Please make sure that you double-space your paper,

Columbia Accident Investigation Board

Please read the following sections of the report, to assist in analyzing this case study: Columbia Accident Investigation Board ( 2003, August). Retrieved July 27, 2007 from the following link: ?Chapter 5: FROM CHALLENGER TO COLUMBIA, sections 5.1-5.8 ?Chapter

3 Human Resource Management questions (Technology Consultants)

Technology Consultants is a company started by a computer science professor. The professor hired three graduate students and began offering computer and technology services to local companies. The typical specialist recently graduated from college with a degree in information management or computer science. To date Technology

Describe employment laws which affect HR decisions and actions

You are working in the Human Resources Department, and the HR manager asks you to review the employee handbook and then meet with other managers/supervisors to inquire about issues that they encounter on a regular basis when dealing with employees who report to them. Using the Library, the Internet, and other resources, rese

Project 2 for National Foods

Submit a report illustrating how you will apply the following knowledge areas applicable to Project Management based on the attached Project Proposal: Project organisation - Time management - Cost management - Resource management - Integration and quality management - Risk management - Human resource management a


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Pay & Benefits/Terms & Conditions of Employment

1. Employers should not ignore employees starting work early, staying beyond scheduled hours, or coming in to work on days off. In regard to the FLSA and compensable time, justify establishing a policy against this practice. 2. As an advisor, explain to your HR office why employers should not establish informal practices

Staff meeting power point

Need some help developing a 10 slide power point presentation with speaker notes with the following scenario. The company is a Auto Sales dealership. Prepare a presentation for the next department staff meeting. Specifically, introduce the department to corporate values, describe the company culture, explain its organizational s

SouthWest Airlines - Human Resources

Please assist. I need to compile enough information for a case study on SouthWest Airlines. I need a minimum of 5 pages of information. It should be some aspect of SouthWest Airlines organizational processes to discuss and the case study should end with some recommendations for them. I need at least 2 other references.

Conjoint Analysis

Must also generate questions. These are some examples. 1. What is the specific purpose or objective of your management research project? In some cases, you may address an organizational issue or problem that has confronted you in your workplace setting. Alternatively, you may see the Capstone Project as an opportunity t

Identify and analyze a Web site intended as a resource for human services

Use search tools such as Google, Yahoo, etc., to identify a Web site intended as a resource for human services, and analyze the site based on evaluation criteria from a reliable source, such as the Wolfgram Library from Widener University. (Select "Evaluating Websites" from Widener University's Wolfgram Library Web site.) Wr

Human Resources Department Training Project Proposal

Human Resources Department Training Project Proposal Development and training can be initiated by many different reasons. Some of these reasons include improvement of skills, improvement of performance, to train on specific topic, to test or pilot new system, or part of overall development program. Typical topic of

Independent Contractors, Discriminatory Practices, Class Groups

Please help with the following questions. Detail answers and examples would be greatly appreciated. 1. When using independent contractors, firms must be prepared to relinquish most of their control over how the work is done. Why is this good advice? Include an example in your answer. 2. Employment requirements and pr

Human Resources/Strategic Leadership

1. Discuss how a leader identifies what is "right" for his or her organization. How does an organizations definition of "right" influence the practices for attracting, keeping, developing and hiring the right people and then how do those practices impact other organizational practices.

Policy for external competitiveness and forms of pay

Using concepts related to external competitiveness, provide pay recommendations for a manager's position in Time Warner . Apply appropriate pay concepts to determine the pay for a managerial position. What policy regarding external competitiveness would you advise? List the options and the pros and cons of each policy option

International HRM for Starbucks in China: performance appraisal and evaluation

You are in charge of HR for a company that has recently moved into a new country. (China) You have been asked to provide a report on considerations needed for new employees. (Starbucks) Analyze the organizational development practices and make recommendations on how to increase the following: The counrty is China and the c

Creating an employee survey: CF&F Employee Survey

5-7 slides with speaker notes; 300-500 words for discussion Details: The CEO has asked the Vice President of Human Resources to have the HR team to put together a CF&F Employee Survey that would assess the level of employee engagement. The CEO and Vice President believe that engaged employees are productive, innovative,

Writing a persuasive letter

Write a persuasive letter utilizing a specific strategy, standard block or modified block letter format, and an appropriate business style. Thanks