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Feelings resulting from the experience of being a minority

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The goal is to expose yourself to a culturally or ethnically different environment from the one(s) you're used to. Provide a brief description of the setting, your reaction to the situation in terms of your behavior/feelings/reactions, the reaction of other individuals toward you, what this experience teaches you about being different from others in your environment, how such an experience might influence your development if you were to live or work in such a setting for a major portion of your life, relevance of theory and concluding comments. (about 700 words)

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As a student visiting a nursing home, it becomes apparent how assumptions are often made
about those who are different. If the experience of being a minority in society is similar to that of
being a student in a facility where the majority of people are 65 and older, it can be a very unpleasant
one. The nursing home I visited is mainly for elderly residents who can no longer physically or
emotionally care for themselves. Though some residents are younger people who require around the
clock medical care, the majority are senior citizens. The facility has one unit for people with Alzheimer's
Disease, who are monitored more closely and given quite a bit more attention, to address safety
concerns and help those who are experiencing cognitive dysfunction cope with their environment.
While I spent less time in this unit, I almost wish I had more time there, as opposed to any other floor of
the facility.
Some of the behaviors, comments and stares of residents have led to feelings of self-
consciousness and the impression that social circles, or who you ...

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The expert describes the feelings resulting from the experience of being a minority.

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