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The White American experience

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Need help with the following questions: 3 small paragraphs is sufficient.
1-Considering the position occupied overall by white Americans, is it possible for white America to understand what it means to stand out and be vulnerable because of observable racial or ethnic characteristics?
2-Do current polices of political correctness help contribute to a better understanding of minority groups, or does it alienate us even further from an understanding of how race shapes the everyday lives of people in minority groups?
3-Can a nation be truly democratic if some groups are systematically prevented from being heard, whether by law or informal practice?

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1. The only white Americans that can understand or approach understanding are those who have characteristics that are easily identifiable. Those who are disabled are one group. The limits to understanding are very vast in a culture ingrained with the perception that white is better, smarter, and better equipped to handle the details of society. Even more ...

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Discussion based on questions about the knowledge and experience of being white in America.

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