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Human Resource Management

Every presentation must be tailored to the audience. A presentation introducing a new product may be different if you are presenting to the senior vice presidents or to the managers of the fulfillment centers. Questions to help you analyze the audience include:
o Did you identify key audience stakeholders?
o Do you know their expertise and points of view about the topic?
o What do they want to hear about?
o How long should the presentation be, given the audience?
o Is the level and type of language appropriate for the audience?
o Have you anticipated the audience reaction?
o How can you best gain and hold their interest and attention?

Construct a scenario in which you analyze your audience with the given criteria. Respond to at least two of your fellow students' postings.

about 956 words, three references

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The response addresses the queries posted in 965 words with references.

//The paper deals with the construction of a scenario that provides a detailed insight to the Audience Analysis. The explanation regarding various aspects of the analysis and the factors that help in recognizing the effective and efficient outcome, have been provided in the paper//

Audience Analysis: The study of the audience, with respect to the level of satisfaction, knowledge and perception about the topic that they establish from the given information in the form of presentation, is known as audience analysis.

In order to ensure proper communication of information, which is the main purpose behind delivering information, a detailed study of the resources, sources from where the information is collected from, should be done (Audience Analysis Overview, 2010).

// The first section of the analysis deals with the identification of key stakeholders of the presentation, with respect to situation and conditions that are taken into account while giving the presentation//

The general range of audiences includes the experts, technicians, executives and non-specialists. The stakeholders in this case, when the presentation is given in front of the seniors and vice-presidents of the fulfillment centers, are the experts. The experts are the ones who have complete and detailed knowledge about the subject matter.

When the presentation is put in front of the audiences other than the experts, then the group of stakeholders taken into account is the technicians and the executives. So, ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 965 words with references.