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Human Resources Management

Utilization of a Constrained Resource

The Walton Toy Company manufactures a line of dolls and a doll dress sewing kit. Demand for the dolls is increasing, and management requests assistance from you in determining an economical sales and production mix for the coming year. The company has provided the following data: (see file attached) The following addition

Interview questions for an HRM interview

Craft some Human Resource questions to ask a HRM. Your interview questions are based on the following content areas: Evaluate the contribution of the human resource management function as an ethics agent in organizations. Assess ethical strategies, policies, and procedures used in the workplace. Analyze the overall

Human Resource Calendar

Can you please just help me get started here? Thanks! Develop a calendar (schedule) for human resources for the month of December 2007, taking into consideration the following information: a. You have four people you can schedule, John, Sally, Pedro, and Eunice. b. The typical workweek for your company is 45 hours. Depe

HR Roles and Responsibilities

Describe the changing role of HR management in response to trends in globalization, technology, diversity, e-business, and ethics. 684 words plus references

Qwikmail HR Staff

See attached files for the case study of Quikmail, and the subject matter relates to HR. Give reasons and examples from each of Chapter 8-15 inclusive of the continuous case study dealing with Qwikmail, discuss the following question: Qwikmail HR staff failed to deliver an effective HR service to their organization.

Procter & Gamble

Procter & Gamble (P&G), perhaps, epitomizes the ability to create highly successful BRANDS and marketing efforts. Read on the web about Procter & Gamble (site online resources). What do you attribute P&G's success and its ability to continually grow its business? Were you to project into the future, what recommendations would yo

Define job analysis; purpose of performance appraisal

2. Define job analysis. Why is job analysis relevant to each of the six key HRM activities (i.e., planning, staffing, training, performance appraisal, reward systems, labor relations.) 3. What purpose does performance appraisal serve? Why are there so many different methods of appraisal?

Overview of management concepts

Why is job analysis relevant to human resource management activities such as planning, staffing, training, performance appraisal, reward systems and labor relations? Why are there so many different methods of performance appraisal? What are the differences between strategic alliances, learning and high-involvement organiza

Training Key Areas (Human Resource Management)

Explain the importance of training in these areas, pertaining to the organization and individual. You, as an outside consultant, have been asked to explain the importance of training in three areas. Incorporate employee and organization motivation and information on offering training in these areas: - Legal requirements - Di

Human Resources Management: Finding a Career

Do younger employees have the expectation that they can spend most of their working life with one or two companies anymore? How does this impact the notion of career development in organizations?

Polycentric, Ethnocentric, and Geocentric Approaches to Staffing

Define the polycentric, ethnocentric, and geocentric approaches to staffing. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of each for international company staffing. If you were responsible for expanding a business overseas, which of the staffing approaches would you use? Why?

How can influence the effectiveness of human resources

Analyze how managing change can influence the effectiveness of human resources in the organization. Then discuss the impact of organizational development and how it can enhance the effectiveness of organizations within their internal and external forces. two paragraphs

Human Resource Management - Training

: What is the most influential factor that affects training (positive and or negative)? How does this influence training? Provide examples. As a trainer, how would you support or combat this influence? : Why is the nature of training delivery important to the overall success of employees? Provide examples of different deliver

Management-employment Relations Issue (HRM)

Using London Underground, identify current management-employment relations issue; determine its cause, nature and impact. Determine alternative solutions and make recommendations on the actions that can be taken to eliminate or minimize its impact 670 words

Employee Development: Wal-Mart

You have been hired as an outside consultant to help Walmart strengthen employee development. Write an executive summary that answers the following questions: What is the organizationâ??s current focus? What are the organizationâ??s overarching goals? What are the organizationâ??s training needs? How do they relate to t

Critique the article: Storytelling That Moves People

Storytelling That Moves People A Conversation with Screenwriting Coach Robert McKee DIFFERENT VOICE - Storytelling That Moves People Emmy Award winner Brian Cox portrays McKee in the 2002 film Adaption, which follows the life of a screen- writer trying to adapt the book The Orchid Thief. McKee also serves as a project con

Human Resource Case: Mrs. Jones case of sexual discrimination against the bank

Cite any information (APA format, please) that the HR Professional, might use to construct responses. Thoroughly discuss the positions. [Start of Case] Dear Cousin, I know that I haven't been in touch for a while but I need a favor. Hope you don't mind. You know that I work for a bank. Well, we're having a problem

Best Practice Article Total Compensation summary

Best Practice Article Total Compensation Using this article: http://www.achievemax.com/newsletter/00issue/attract-retain-talent.htm Identify HR's role in managing a total compensation plan and what does this indicate to the competition, government funding, or to the solvency of the organization. This is evaluated by th

Project Management: Identify all of the costs involved

See attached files. Building from the projects attached to this posting and complete the following: Identify all of the costs involved in the project. Label the costs either direct cost, project overhead costs, or general and administrative overhead costs. Develop a time-phased budget for the project. What will be the cum