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    HRM and Organizational Leadership

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    Explain the two approaches of "make or buy" in regards to developing required competencies, in context of human resource development and organizational change management.

    Option Steps Advantages Disadvantages

    Make Training Altered Takes advantage of May be slow
    Incentives existing knowledge/ Not all current emp.
    skill base willing or able

    Buy Recruitment Can quickly add May undercut
    Selection required morale/commitment
    knowledge/skills of existing employees

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    Make and buy are important when it comes to human resource development as well as organizational change. In regards to human resources, this is worth noting. A company needs to have incentives to keep people on board in order that they can continue their education. The issue occurs when it is done slow, and that not every employee is able to make it to the current training. This is how a company makes them into great leaders and followers within the organization. As one can tell, they each have a choice on whether or not to attend. However, the buy is crucial. A ...

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    This solution explained the two approaches of may and buy in regards to developing competencies, in context of Human Resource development and Organizational change management.