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HRM & Leadership: Recruitment, Staffing, Organizational Culture

I've come to recognize that it's also important to understand that technology drives the logic of the new economy to the next step - to people (the knowledge workers) whose skills, abilities, and commitments will ultimately determine whether a company can be successful. And intellectual capital will go where it is wanted and it will stay where it is well treated. It can't be driven; it can only be attracted. Hence, the role of the HR professional in recruitment and staffing, as well as in creating an organizational culture that will best sustain top talent.

Therefore, we can see that the location of the new economy is not actually in technology; it's in the human mind. HR professionals, then, was to attract top employees, retain them, create environments in which the best employees can excel, motivate them, train them, develop them, and 'serve' them! It's been said that 'Knowledge is power'. In actuality, applied knowledge is power.

So, what would be the relationship between HRM and leadership?

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The relationship between HRM and leadership are important. Both of them work the same but have different roles. For example, a manager makes sure that he or she takes responsiblity; whereas, a leader looks for the opportunity.

A manager ...

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This solution provided ways in which there a relationship is present between Human Resource Management and leadership.