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    Microsoft: Explain how internal and external factors affect four functions of management

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    Using Microsoft as the company to examine explain how internal and external factors affect the four functions of management planning, organizing, leading, and controlling. (480 word )

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    Microsoft is constantly planning out planning on what to do next. For example, they are coming up with new software every six months to a year. They have out on the market 2008 currently, whereas previously there was 2007. People are upgrading their computers as a result, which makes their business boom daily. The company also plans out how to market. This is done through the internet, and through advertising on television. They encourage their employees to come up with new innovate ideas, test them to make sure they are compatible to computers, and then get them approved before selling them to public. This process can take months or years, but does allow people to have an easier life through the use of technology.


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    This solution used Microsoft to explain internal and external factors affect planning, organizing, leading, and controlling.