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    Leadership Change

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    1. Blue Sky has undergone a leadership change. Be sure to address the differences in leadership style and approach today and in the recent past at Blue Sky.

    2. For every organization motivation is a critical element. Be sure to discuss and evaluate the approaches to motivation at Blue Sky now and in the past.

    3. Has strategic planning and decision-making changed at Blue Sky? If so, is this a positive change?

    4. The structure of an organization and its control systems are design elements. Identify potential design and/or control problems at Blue Sky and discuss applicable principles and theories of management that address these problems.

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    Sample information for the introduction:

    As a consultant for Blue Skys, I am responsible for ensuring that management at Blue Sky Software is followed per requirements of your organization. Blue Sky is in the process of renovating their entire management team. This analysis will provide areas of improvement for Blue Sky Software and the necessary management techniques to make your organization functional and efficient.

    Sample information for the conclusion:

    In conclusion, Blue Skys Software is on its way to being an industry leader in software technology. The solutions I have provided your organization will ensure your that the strategic planning that I have suggested will enhance employee motivation and will allow Blue Skys to analyze the effective and non-effective means of management. Furthermore, this analysis should provide you with ways to eliminate areas of your company that may not be progressing as well as you would like and provide you with the tools to determine that information. As indicated, the matrix structure of design planning should be your main focus as this will allow for additional technical and general management training across the organization. This structure seems that it would be best for Blue Sky as it would allow for better cooperation and problem solving, increased flexibility, better customer service, better performance accountability, and improved strategic management

    Hello. I provide the following to assist you. I have responded to the four questions in the case study.

    1. Blue Sky has undergone a leadership change. Be sure to address the differences in leadership style and approach today and in the recent past at Blue Sky.

    The leadership style that was previously undertaken by the CEO, Max Blue was one of a autocratic leader. Max Blue seemed to think that planning was not necessary and did not like to hold meetings. Due to his nature of being an autocratic leader, a leader that exercised absolute control, accepting little or no input from team members. This is probably the reason why he felt that planning and meetings were unnecessary, because he wanted to control every situation. Unfortunately, because of his leadership style, the works ...

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    This solution provides an explanation of different leadership styles, and how strategic planning has changed at Blue Sky.