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Many States, such as Germany, list and define human rights in their constitution while other countries, such as the UK, make no such provision either in their constitution or other legislation.

What, if any, difference would the listing and definition of human rights or the lack thereof have on the ability of a human being to claim such a right according to the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau?

Please discuss including detailed debate with some case references and examples. Make sure it's a strong discussion and debate, with references.

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// In the following paper we will learn about human rights and the importance of mentioning human rights in the constitution of a nation. The paper will throw light upon the idea of human rights as explained by the great thinkers like Thoma Aquinas, Thoma Hobbes, John Locke and Jean-Jacques Rousseau.//


It is believed that all humans are born equal and all of them have certain unalienable rights, given to them by the creator. The topic of human rights has long been debated and many philosophers and thinkers have given their views on this topic. In the present era, in order to ensure that all men are able to enjoy their rights and no one is denied of these rights; nation-states have mentioned and defined human rights in their respective constitutions. There are many states, which have not defined human rights in their constitutions but even these states take proper care that the citizens are provided with basic rights. The nation sates came into being for the betterment of individuals. The primary duty of the nation-states is to provide its citizens with a secure environment to live in, and therefore, it becomes important for all the states to provide the citizens with basic rights.

Human beings are entitled to certain rights simply because of the virtue of being humans. In order to lead a proper life, the most important requirement, for a human being is to have freedom of speech, expression, movement, belief and a life free from any suppression. The role of the nation-states in this context is to provide their citizens with freedom and liberty and at the same time keep a check that an individual's liberty must not hamper the liberty of other. Although, the term human rights is now a days more often used for political gains rather than for the betterment of citizens (Donnelly, 2003).

For many ages human beings have lived under the rule of tyrants. It was realized after the Second World War, that many countries do not provide humans with basic rights and in many countries the human beings are treated merely as means for the betterment of state. In order to provide these people with justice, many international organizations like, United Nations Organization, were created. United Nations charter declared Universal human rights, which are necessary for all the human beings to live a happy and secured life.

// Till now we have learned about the importance of human rights. Further the paper will discuss about the ...

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The response addresses the queries posted in 1617 words with references.