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    Human Resource Management

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    Consider the following scenario:

    Jim Delaney, president of Apex Door, has a problem. No matter how often he tells his employees how to do their jobs, they invariably "decide to do it their own way," as he puts it, and arguments ensue among Jim, the employee, and the employee's supervisor. One example is the door-design department, where the designers are expected to work with the architects to design doors that meet the specifications. While it's not "rocket science," as Jim puts it, the designers invariably make mistakes such as designing too much steel (a problem that can cost Apex tens of thousands of wasted dollars once you consider the number of doors in, say, a 30-story office tower).

    The order processing department is another example. Jim has a very specific and detailed way he wants the order written up, but most of the order clerks don't understand how to actually use the multipage order form. They simply improvise when it comes to a detailed question such as whether to classify the customer as "industrial" or "commercial."

    The current training process is as follows. None of the jobs have a training manual per se; although, several have somewhat out-of-date job descriptions. The training for new people is all on the job. Usually the person leaving the company trains the new person during the one to two week overlap period, but if there's no overlap, the new person is trained as sufficiently as possible by other employees who have filled in occasionally on the job in the past. The training is basically the same throughout the company for machinists, secretaries, assemblers, accounting clerks, etc.

    Assume that you have been hired by Apex Door to develop a training program. Develop a training proposal that provides specific suggestions on what you will do to improve the training process at Apex Door.

    Source: Dessler, G. (2003). Human resource management. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1369 words with references.

    // In this paper, we will discuss about the requirement of training program in Apex Door. The paper will discuss the problems related to the training program in Apex Door. It will discuss the importance of training program for Apex Door and give a detailed training proposal for the organization.//


    Every organization needs a training program in order to increase the potential of its employees. Training program helps in the growth and success of an organization. In case of Apex Door, there are certain problems related to training in various departments. Apex Door has a major problem that their employees don't listen to Jim Delaney, the President of Apex Door. They do their jobs as they want. It has problems in several departments such as door-design department, order processing department, and other departments. For example- in door-design department, the employees are supposed to work with the architects hired by the organization for door designing, but they do not work with the architects, and are working in their own way.

    Because of this, designers are making several mistakes such as they are designing steel in a large amount that results in disturbing the budget of the organization by wasting thousands dollars in designing. Due to these problems in these departments, Apex Door has to suffer several problems. The case shows that Apex Door is lacking in several areas because of poor training methods and program. They need a proper training program for maintaining the activities of the organization that helps in the achievement of goal of the organization.

    Importance of training program to Apex Door:

    The employees of Apex Door are not working properly because of not having correct training manuals and clear job descriptions. So, it shows that an effective training program is very necessary for Apex Door in order to increase the productivity of the organization. The training program will help Apex Door in many ways, which are as follows:

    l Apex Door should make an effective job format containing the job responsibilities or descriptions, for the employees and it should be provided to the employees in a written form. This format will help the ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1369 words with references.