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Identify HR's role in managing a total compensation plan and what does this indicate to the competition, government funding, or to the solvency of the organization. This is evaluated by the human resource management because the structure of this plan is administered by the HR department ONLY and reported to upper-management.

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This is how I would summarize your chosen article. You may want to insert some of your own take and knock out some of mine. I don't have your week five course material, so you will have to add that in somehow yourself. I marked where the citation should be, but the quotes are a bit scary coming around a bulleted list as they are now. One solution would be to write the expectations out into a long form, but then again, that's not a citation as is required.
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Everyone either has been or knows someone who has been affected by the shrinkage of the workforce in our world today. Downsizing has hit many middle age men in middle management. Lay-offs have cut many homes to one-income families. Companies have merged and many smaller businesses have been victim to take-over by the giants of their industry. In the article to this summary, the corporation of AchieveMax has noticed ...

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Summarization of article on retaining talent by total compensation to remaining staff after downsizing or shrinkage of company workforce