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Human Resource Manager of Harrison Bros. Corp

Please read the case provided in the attached file, then answer the following 5 questions

1. How does McCain view her role as Human Resource Manager?
2. What is Harrison's business strategy?
3. What is the structure and staffing of HR?
4. Analyze the data in Exhibit 1.5. What are its implications?
5. Given the organizations size and strategic goals, evaluate the development of the human resource function at Harrison Brothers. What problems do you see? How could its major human resource functions be improved?

***Please see the link below for the required exhibits, pages 10 & 11



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Hello. I provide the following to assist you after reviewing the attached scenario.

1. How does McCain view her role as Human Resource Manager?

McCain seems to view her role as the human resource manager in a positive light. She seems to be pleased with the decisions that she has made and believes that she is doing what is necessary to make the company successful. She indicates that when she first began working at Harrison's, that other departments were conducting operations that they should have not been performing. She seems to want to be involved in the day to day operations of the business, including observing the work habits of employees on a regular basis. Furthermore, she believes it is her duty to select the applications that are being hired. She further believes that she has ample experience in the sales department to train employees appropriately, should she need to, therefore, she assists with the training of some employees.

McCain also believes that it is her role to handle all disciplinary actions. According to the scenario, she will speak directly with employees of disciplinary actions as well as their supervisor. McCain believes that handling the disciplinary matters herself will provide better consistency in the application of disciplinary rules.

2. What is Harrison's business strategy?

Harrison's business strategy seems to be one that is of a business Unit Strategy. This particular strategy is one that concerns itself with how the business will compete in its particular market. Furthermore, this type of business strategy wants to ensure that the company has the necessary products on hand that consumers are seeking, that the company is meeting the needs of customers, that the company is attempting to ...

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