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Human Resource Concerns for the Success of an MNC

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What are the specific human resources concerns (competencies, labor economics, legal & regulatory systems, labor relations & unionization, and cultural norms) for Europe and the potential impact of these concerns to an MNC's success.

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Human Resource Concerns

For doing a business in Europe, an MNC has to consider different HR concerns such as competencies, labour economies, legal & regulatory system, labour relations and unionization and cultural norms. The talent management or managing competencies is the major concern due to increase in demand and lack of availability of skilled people. The lack of availability of skilled people in Europe will cause an increase in cost of employees for the firm and may also cause a decline in operational efficiency, which will influence the position of MNC in Europe. The labour law commission of Europe also provides rights to employees related to their working conditions. It helps to determine the high ...

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The solution discusses the human resource concerns for the success of an MNC.