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Harrison-Keyes Scenario Discussion Question

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Based on the Harrison-Keyes scenario, answer the following questions:

What are the reasonable alternatives to consider?
What are the pros and cons of each considering the assessment against goals and the risk assessment?
What is the best solution considering the facts and your intuition?
What type of solution are you talking about?
What model or approach should you use?
Who should be involved?
How do you define success?
What do you want to measure?
How can you collect "leading" and "lagging" indicators?
Who should be involved?
How do you get the data you need?

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Some possible solutions include:

- Assign a single project manager to manage the project with team leaders to handle the individual "subprojects". The project manager should report directly to Ms. McGill. The pros of this alternative would be bring more discipline to the project management process, including identifying tasks, risks, building timelines and cost estimates, monitoring and documenting progress, and keeping the team members on track. The cons include the fact that if the right project structure is not identified, the project manager may not be able to control the process. Infighting and other priorities may interfere with the project timelines, resulting in cost over runs and delays on deliverables.

- Revising the organization to have a direct reporting line to the project manager. The pros are that the project manager will have direct control over the resources, which will reduce resource conflicts and multitasking. The cons are that it will limit the flexibility of the overall organization to use these resources for other tasks and projects, and may limit the transition of the project team members back into the functional areas after completion of ...

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This week 3 discussion questions address the situation at Harrison-Keyes, a publisher considering digital media. It is intended to provide insight into the different approaches the company can take to achieve success.