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Identify 2 companies with similar issues to Harrison-Keyes

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I am looking for some information on 2 different companies that are facing the same issues as the ones on the scenario attached.

I need 2 original companies

What are the issues related?

Just a couple paragraphs that I can build on.

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Here are two examples your company is facing. One well known, the other not so much. Hope it helps you.

GeoFields, Inc.

Since 1996, GeoFields, Inc. has provided data management solutions to the oil and gas pipeline industry. GeoFields' multi-disciplinary staff includes engineers, scientists, programmers, geographers, and pipeline specialists. Products and services include risk and needs assessments, database development and management, and custom application development (GeoFields, 2009).

Similar to Harrison-Keyes, GeoFields operates in a competitive, maturing industry. Since its inception, GeoFields relied on its technical staff when project management skills were required. However, this practice limited the firm's portfolio to only a handful of less complex projects. In most cases, these projects were tailored to a limited customer base that was comfortable with GeoFields' current technologies. Similar to Harrison-Keyes, GeoFields realized that in order to meet its strategic objectives, it needed to be able to implement new, revenue-generating projects as well as reduce costs (Amason, 2007).

In response to these issues, in 2005 GeoFields established a project management methodology based on A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide). GeoFields' two main objectives were: (1) to deliver additional solutions while reducing internal overhead; and (2) to differentiate itself from competitors by creating added value for customers. "The methodology was developed to reflect internal business needs, including proposal collaboration and resource balancing, as well as external client needs, such as scope clarity and predictable milestones and costs" (Amason, 2007, p. 19).

Several significant, positive outcomes resulted from GeoFields' ...

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The expert identifies two companies with similar issues to Harrison-Keyes.

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After reviewing the Harrison-Keyes scenario, you will identify several issues that directly connect to the concepts in the mind maps for Weeks One through Three. In addition to reading the assigned text materials to develop knowledge about the concepts, a thorough master's-level education requires the development of effective research skills. In this assignment, you will work collaboratively to create a rich source from which you will individually develop alternative solutions for Harrison-Keyes.

Step 1

Individually, identify and research two companies that have faced specific issues related to those you identified in the scenario and connected with the course concepts. For each company selected, discuss the following in a 350-word synopsis: (A) issue identified in the scenario that is also facing the company, (B) how the company responded to the issue, and (C) outcomes of the company's response to the issue. Thus, each team member should have two 350-word synopses, one for each company, which provides the information identified. To avoid duplication of efforts, each team member should identify, to the team, the companies he or she will be researching before doing this part of the assignment.

Step 2

As a team, based upon the information gathered from the individual work done in Step 1, prepare a 1,050-word to 1,400-word analysis that synthesizes the key findings. As a team, using the companies researched: (A) identify the key course concepts and (B) compare and contrast the practices of each company related to those concepts. Appropriately cite all references used.

Step 3

The team will submit a final composition which consists of a title page, the team's overall analysis, the individual company synopses (with the preparer of each synopsis identified), and an appropriate reference page. As a guideline, a team of five will submit roughly 13-14 pages of material as well as a title page and reference page.

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