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Common employee development methods include job rotation, job shadowing, committee assignments (also known as stretch assignments), courses and seminars, simulations, self-development, and others. Reflect from your experience and select one employee development method. What are the pros and cons of this method? Describe a workplace situation in which this type of development method would be most beneficial.

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The pros and cons are worth noting when it comes to courses and seminars within a company. In regards to the benefits, one can have the organization pay for their continuing education. They are likely to maybe get tuition reimbursement. A person may get inspired and want to study further within their industry in hopes to get promoted or a raise. An individual can study at their own pace unless it is an on-campus school that does not use internet to communicate with his or her students. The setbacks include the fact that the business may not pay for one's ...

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This solution used one employee development method, pros and cons, and a workplace situation in which it was most beneficial.