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    Human Resources Management

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    HRIS - What are the current information needs?

    Describe in general the data inputs and outputs of the existing system and identify goals and objectives of the new system. - What are the current information needs? - What must the new system do? - What changes are suggested for the new system? Use attached on Riordan Manufacturing

    Human Resources Management

    1. What are the benefits of a new HRIS? What are the costs associated with it? Consider both tangible and non-tangible benefits and costs in your answer. 2. Why is it important to estimate the benefits of a new HRIS before you estimate the costs? If the costs were estimated first, how might this change the analysis? Use examp

    Gender bias in the workplace, anti-discrimination policy

    For this project the CEO has asked HR to review some of the company policies. I have chosen to do my paper on gender bias in the workplace and the policy I am recommending is the Anti-discrimination policy. The paper need to address how the Anti-discrimination policy supports the business ethics policies and standards with

    Apollo Group: analyzing the disclosures

    Can you help me get started with this project? Apollo Group is a publicly held company and should be used as the basis for this assignment. I suggest you go to http://www.apollogrp.edu/annual-reports/2007.pdf. The financial statements begin on page 61 with the auditor's report and the notes to the financials begin on page 67

    Recommendations for International Human Resource Managers

    Provide practical recommendations for human resources managers who want to successfully function in a global company that operates in several countries (China and The United States). For example, you may build a visual model or adapt an appropriate model offered by other writers for successful compensation, expatriate training,

    Exit interview: confidentiality vs value of informaiton obtained

    Consider a circumstance where your organization is doing exit interviews and has promised confidentiality to all who respond. You are responsible for conducting the exit interviews. Your supervisor has asked you to give her the name of each respondent so she can assess the information in conjunction with the person's supervisor.

    Human Resource Management: Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining

    HRM Incident 2: Break down the Barrier: Yesterday Bill Brown was offered a job as an operator trainee with GEM Manufacturing. He had recently graduated from Milford High School in a small town in the Midwest. Bill had no college aspirations, so on graduation he moved to Chicago to look for a job. Bill's immediate

    Human Resource Mangement: Labor Unions and Collective Bargaining

    HRM Incident 1: You Are out of What? Marcus Ned eagerly drove his new company pickup onto the construction site. He had just been assigned by his employer, Kelso Construction Company, to supervise a crew of 16 equipment operators, oilers, and mechanics. This was the first unionized crew Marcus had supervised, and he was unawa

    Ethical and Moral Obligations for Workers in a Chemical Plant

    How would you react to a CEO's statement that, on moral grounds, she had decided to let the workers in her chemical plant decide for themselves (1) Whether or not to work overtime in the more dangerous parts of the enterprise and, separately, (2) Whether or not to wear protective equipment? Explain and defend your posi

    Current compensation program; is it the correct approach

    Please feedback about this post, your own opinion or if need something to said about it, you agree or disagree with this opinion and why? 1-One concern about executive pay today is that employees and the public believe that company executives get paid way too much and are offered too much incentives while the other employees

    Freedom of speech and expression are fundamental human rights

    On the surface there seems to be a tension between appeals to autonomy in defense of freedom of speech and expression and appeals to autonomy in order to justify restrictions on freedom of speech and expression which may result in sexual harassment. Is there a conflict between freedom of speech and expression? Can the conflict

    Employee Training: methods, benefits, human resource management

    1. Explain the role of training in an organization's development. 2. Describe different employee development methods and their benefits. 3. Analyze the relationship between employee development and organizational development. 4. Describe the role of human resource management in career development.

    Unions in the Workplace

    For an overview of labor relations and laws associated with the employer-union process, please see "HR Fundamentals Employee and Labor Relations, retrieved February 20, 2011, from http://ucsfhr.ucsf.edu/files/HR101-4_LERpartI.pdf This assignment takes a look at some of the major laws in the employer-union relationship, includ

    Human Resource: Components of executive compensation, labor cost management

    1-In 2008, Pratt estimated that executives received more than 360 times the pay of the average worker (as cited in Milkovich, Newman, & Gerhart, 2011). What are the components of executive compensation? Why is there concern about executive pay today? I'm sure you've heard President Obama's stance on this subject. I look forward

    Incident Response Plans

    Please help get a head-start on writing these topics. 1. Incident Response Plans 2. Disaster Recover Plans 3. Business Continuity Plans 4. Explain Risk Management with key terms.

    Critical Issues for Human Resources

    What are five emerging domestic and/or global issues you think are critical for HR and a company to address? How does HR assess these issues when they are in flux? How does HR attempt to resolve emerging issues and know the resolutions are successful?

    Important domestic demographic changes affecting HRM

    What are some important domestic demographic changes currently affecting HRM? How does HRM effectively respond to these changes? What must be done to improve responses? What may be done to address gaps caused by these changes?

    Feedback from Subordinates for Performance Evaluation

    A comprehensive evaluation of a person's performance should take into account the feedback from subordinates. This policy is not uncommon in academic institutions in which students evaluate or provide feedback about teachers. Examine the merits and weaknesses of this policy for a large business organization. Cite all sources.

    Safe and Healthy Work Environment

    Human Resource Management: A Safe and Healthy Work Environment In the employment relationship, what is the responsibility of the employee? The employer? Are the responsibilities equal, or does one circumvent the other? What if one party doesn't fulfill their obligations? What is the result?

    Safeguarding Human Resources: Response to chemical plant accident civil suit

    Introduction: You are recently appointed as records manager for a chemical plant. After two days of your joining, a major accident in the plant results in the death of an employee and injury to several other employees. As required by law, your task is to provide the requested employment information to the government agencies, s

    Annotated Bibliography: Employee Hiring and Training

    I need help with this assignment: Complete an Annotated Bibliography of five articles that discuss employee hiring and training. Include in your answer a brief description of each learning style. For instructions and examples of an Annotated Bibliography go to: http://www.library.cornell.edu/olinuris/ref/research/skill2

    HR management; Pay For Performance Approach and Rating Performance Effectively. Does your organization have one? Why or Why not? How does your organization rate performance?

    My Organization is Buckingham Adult Medical Day Care Center in New Jersey Pay-For-Performance Approaches: 1-Does your organization have a pay-for-performance system? If so, describe how it works. If your organization does not, discuss the type of plan they do have and whether or not you think they should have a pay-for-perform

    Staffing Organization

    An organization has a staffing strategy in which it over hires by 10% the number of employees it will actually need in any job category in order to ensure it meets its hiring needs. It reasons that some of the new hires will renege on the accepted offer and that the organization can renege on some of its offers if need be, to en

    The solution to Human Resources

    o The process for turning a job analysis into a position description o The legal requirements for position descriptions o Elements of a complete position description o An explanation of how position descriptions are used to recruit, select, and manage employee performance o A final position description for the administrative