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Human Resources Management

Relationship between HR, HRD and instructional design

Describe the relationship between the HR and the HRD functions in a large organization. Do you have this in your organization? How might a small organization handle the responsibilities of these two areas? How do we motivate for specific organizational circumstances and/or individual differences? What motivational theories m

Employee Benefits from Alternative Work Arrangements

Background Various alternative work arrangements exist for use in businesses and other types of organizations; included among the options are compressed work weeks, flexible work schedules, telecommuting, and job sharing. This case focuses on alternative work arrangements in general rather than on a particular one exclusively

Independent contractors; employment at will; common legal issues

Why do you think the law has established guidelines as to whether workers are classified as either independent contractors or employees? What are the advantages and disadvantages of each classification relative to the employer? Why do exceptions to employment-at-will exist? Whose interests do these exceptions protect? I

Strategic Importance of Human Resource Management

Can you assist me with this assignment? Strategic Importance of Human Resource Management For the case assignment, read all of the required readings listed on the background page. Assignment Expectations: Please respond to the issues raised below. Be sure to draw upon and integrate concepts from all of the module requi

HR MJ Communicating Safety and Wellness Success

Please read the case provided in the link below (pages 484-485) and then answer the two questions at the end of the case. Answers for the two questions must be 1-3 pages in length. Thank you.

HR MJ Compensation Changes at JC Penney

Please read the case provided in the link below (page 387), and then answer the two questions at the end of the page.

Business of Family Patterns

Explain how employees' needs and expectations may change with age and family patterns. Answer: The dynamics of a family are always changing; with the addition of children, the single family environment, or the needed care for the family members getting along in years. With these changes, the needs for each one could be drastic

Human Resource Planning and Staffing Paper

Prepare a paper addressing the following questions: What is HR planning and how is it important to the effectiveness of an organization? What techniques are used to forecast HR requirements? What are the legal compliance issues facing HR departments? Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Employees' Needs and Expectations May Change

See the attachment. Explain how employees' needs and expectations may change with age and family patterns. Compare the definition of the term "family" used today with that of the 1950s. What are the implications of these changes for Human Resource managers? From your personal perspective, describe a discrepancy in pay that wo

NFM - Exercise 2: The HR Function of Harrison Bros. Corp

Please read the case provided in the attached file, then answer the following 5 questions Questions 1. How does McCain view her role as Human Resource Manager? 2. What is Harrison's business strategy? 3. What is the structure and staffing of HR? 4. Analyze the data in Exhibit 1.5. What are its implications? 5. Give

Alegent Health Link

Based on the case provided in the link below (Alegent Health), and then discuss the questions at the end of the case with 1-3 pages. Thanks,+based+in+omaha,+nebraska,+is+a+non-profit+health-care+system+composed&source=bl&ots=vrN-CRgEye&sig=Y0-

HR practice questions

TCO 8) All of the following are steps in human resource planning EXCEPT job analysis. job evaluation. forecasting human resource supply. forecasting human resource demand. plan for dealing with predicted shortfalls or overstaffing. 2. (TCO 8) The most appropriate training t

Human Resources: Employee Training and Career Development

Employee Training & Career Development ? Write, in your own words, a paper addressing the following: o Explain the role of employee development in an organization. o Describe at least three (3) employee development methods and their benefits. o Analyze the relationship between employee development and organizational de

HRM Planning: Proposal to Justify Ethical and Diversity Considerations

Task: Choose one or two ethical considerations and one or two diversity considerations affecting your division. Write a proposal for your HR director. Provide details about what the considerations are. Justify why they were important for your strategic HRM planning process. Provide recommendations for addressing these considerat

Human Resources: Employee Benefits

See the attached file. Employee Benefits (Retirement, Health, Family Medical Leave Act) Company chosen: Fed Ex Investigate your company's HRM practices. Realize that some companies do not openly discuss their HRM practices. You will need to make inferences and borrow ideas from other private-sector companies to build yo

Domestic Culture & Emerging HR Issues

What are some key elements to assessing a domestic culture? What are some keys to assessing a foreign culture? How does HR ensure the assessment is successful? What steps must be taken to move from assessing a culture to evaluating its integration in a company? What are five emerging issues you think are critical for HR and a

Analyzing Promotion Data: Applying the 80% Rule

See attached case file. Please read the case and then answer the following 5 questions. 1. Analyze the table in Exhibit 1.24. What conclusions do you reach? Is there evidence of discrimination in promotion decisions? 2. Do you believe that Gernson, Thompson, LeBlanc, and Jackson were discriminated against? 3. What

Human Resources

Please see the attached file. All info provided. Request a through response for this question. Request two sources. 1. Trophy Husbands 2. Where are the Women 3. Open to Women Describe three factors that can impede women's movement into senior executive ranks. What should be the basis (criterion used) for

Human Resources

For Kudler Fine Foods, describe the general function of their performance management systems. ----------------------------- Background information provided: HOME | BAKERY | MEAT & SEAFOOD | PRODUCE | CHEESE & DAIRY | WINE NEWS | ABOUT | LOCATIONS | SURVEY | TERMS & CONDITIONS INTERNET | INTRANET

International Competitiveness: "The road to hell case study"

Read the Case Study entitled "The Road to Hell" on the link. Then, answer the following questions for Review 1. What mistake did John Baker make? Why did he not realize this mistake when it occurred? 2. What would you recommend that Baker do now? Explain. 3. What does this case illustrate about human resource managemen

Cost of Natural Resource

Jackpot Mining Company operates a copper mine in central Montana. The company paid $ 1,000,000 in 2011 for the mining site and spent an additional $ 600,000 to prepare the mine for extraction of the copper. After the copper is extracted in approximately four years, the company is required to restore the land to its original cond

Human Resources

Common employee development methods include job rotation, job shadowing, committee assignments (also known as stretch assignments), courses and seminars, simulations, self-development, and others. Reflect from your experience and select one employee development method. What are the pros and cons of this method? Describe a workpl

HR employee benefits under FMLA: Evaluate two articles

Employee Benefits (Retirement, Health, Family Medical Leave Act) Read Norman Tolle's article, "Employer did not interfere with employee's FMLA leave when it had 'honest suspicion' that she was not using leave for its 'intended purpose'." Also read, "Noble headache," by Diane Cadrain from HR Magazine, July 2008. Please in

Impact of HR Practices on Organizational Culture: Pairs of Statements

Below are scenarios of critical decisions you may need to make as a manager. Read each question and select one from each pair of statements. Then, think about the impact your choice would have on the company's culture. Discuss your choices and the impacts on culture in an essay (not including cover and reference pages). You n

HR: The 'New' Army, Learning Organization, Marriage, Engaged

Please provide a peer response to each of the following statements (see the attachment). All responses should include source work from at least one (1) to two (2) sources to support your views and responses. The peer responses should state your reason for agreeing or disagreeing with the post in a professional manner. Peer