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Effective Communication - Human Resources

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How can you become a more effective communicator? How can you express your feelings and emotions to individuals in the workplace? How can you express to another individual that you have heard and processed his or her feelings and emotions?

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How can you become a more effective communicator?

In order to be successful in most management roles, communication is important, however, in human resources, it is essential that one knows how to listen and communicate with others.

There are several tools and techniques that one can apply to become a more successful and active communicator. The first key is being an active listener. Some of the more common tools to accomplish this are:

*Focus on Content, not errors in the delivery. This entails training yourself to interpret the message of the person talking to you even though their method or style of delivery could distract you. Stay tuned into their overall point.

*Keep yourself engrained in the conversation by actively showing positive body signs and signals that your attentive to the speaker, regardless of how slow ...

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