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Human Resources Management

Customer Service Call Center - HR Advisor Recommendation Report

Imagine a customer service call center has recently hired you, as an HR advisor, to make recommendations to their organizational development and training program. The call center's profit margin has been low and many employees quit after 1 year. The employee who has worked longest has only been there for 2 years, and he is looki

Human Resources: Strategic Staffing Course

Decision Making & the Final Match 1-What roles should HR professionals play in staffing decisions? 2- How should we determine who should be involved? 3-This is an interesting question about who should be involved in the final job offer. We really should have a partnership-as in strategic business partner-with the hiring depar

Human Resources

How do you Pay for Performance in a downward economy? Suggest a start point with relevant issues that may relate to this topic.

Health Care Management in the United States

The debate about where individual responsibility ends and social responsibility should begin continues. Medicaid is shouldering an ever-increasing burden of cost for long-term care for the elderly, with enormous impacts on state budgets throughout the nation. - Discuss alternatives to ease this drain on Medicaid resources.

emerging HR issues

Choose three or four emerging HR issues that affect your division. Your choices must reflect your predictions for priorities and concerns in your division's HRM plan. Write a 500- to 650-word detailed analysis, explaining how these issues and cultural considerations affect your division and the strategic plans. Create a c

Human Resource Management in Organizations

See attached case files. Read and answer 2 questions in the text for each case study. This is a MBA Master work for Human Resource Management. Please see attached for articles and questions. Book title: Human Resource Management, 13th Edition, 2011 Author: Robert L. Mathis and John H. Jackson ----------------------------

Effective Communication - Human Resources

Please assist me with the below question (s). How can you become a more effective communicator? How can you express your feelings and emotions to individuals in the workplace? How can you express to another individual that you have heard and processed his or her feelings and emotions?

HRM Case Study Analysis: Accept things as they are - for Jane Harris

Identify the issues in the following case study as it relates to the questions asked below. Please provide references. Review the case studies in Ch. 2 of Human Resource Management. Choose one for this assignment. Write a paper of no more than 1,050 words in which you explain the following points: 1) A case summary 2)


Students will evaluate the design and implementation of a recruiting and selection process (case will describe a number of ineffective practices, a mismatch between job description and selection assessments, issues around adverse impact, and actions taken that are not in line with applicable federal laws). Once evaluated, stude

Organization structures and management questions

Describe the qualities of an organic organization structure. Identify strategies and dynamic organizational concepts that can improve an organization's responsiveness. Describe what specialized tasks have to be performed, and how labor is divided at the organization? How does the company integrate the work of these different un

Managing Ethical Standards

You are leading a U.S. based firm with operations in several other countries as well. How will you ensure the firm's local managers comply with the firm's ethical standards? How will you deal with the differences in business practices?

Four basic requirements to ensure competitive advantage

See attached article. - Identify the four basic requirements that are mentioned in Wright and McMahan (1992) article (attached) to ensure a source of sustained competitive advantage? - Look at your organization and try to assess whether or to what extent the four basic requirements are met. - Discuss the implication of that

Taxation: Factors for Employee vs Self-Employed Contractor

As a Revenue Agent at the IRS, we were trained to look for contract labor payments in order to verify that the payments were not to employees If it is shown the subcontractors were actually employees it would result in a substantial tax and penalties. What are the factors used to determine that a service provider is an

Stars Hollow Hat Company Case job descriptions

Stars Hollow Hat Company Company History The Stars Hollow Hat Company was founded in 2005. The company embroiders and sells hats to clients consisting of athletic organizations and other companies who want to give their employees hats with their company logo. Up until December of 2006, the company had 6 employees, inclu

Human Resources: Recruiting Staffing Course

Measurement 1-What are some of the common measures used in staffing? Imagine a staffing system in which there are no measures used. 2-What would you expect to find? Professor questions and comments. Please answer the question and comments about their comments. 3-When you think of common measures used in staffin

Human Resources: Recruiting staffing Course Questions

First part disc W-3 Please answer the questions: 1- Is it also possible that internal candidates have also developed some bad habits and are so engrained in the existing culture that even though they might be creative people they are still working the party line...the same old way of doing things? Isn't it possible for even

Human Resources: Ethics in the workplace for Lamp Electronics

Scenario: Ethics in the workplace John Smith, VP of HR at Lamp Electronics is sitting scratching his head over the conversation he had with Joe Group describing what had transpired in the finance department. Joe had been preparing the sales revenues reports for the past five years as the company is required to report to the S

HRM: Training Program for Fabrics, Inc.

View the attached files for the case. Review the Training Program (Fabrics, Inc.) case in Effective Training: a. This case pointed out some nontraining needs. How would you deal with them? Why is this important? b. Were the correct people involved in this process? c. What did you learn about the process of develop

Challenges Associated with Pay Plans Based on Length of Service

What are some of the challenges associated with pay plans that are based on length of service and not on performance results? How do we as HRM professionals determine the "value" (the effectiveness) of a pay strategy? From your viewpoint, what makes a pay strategy effective?

Human Resources Strategic Staffing

Internal Recruitment Some argue that it is better to develop your own organizational leadership internally than to hire it externally. 1- What reasons would they use to support their conclusion? 2-Would that strategy be appropriate for all organizations? Why or why not? We can talk about internal recruiting from a

The Patriot Act: Workplace privacy and discrimination

The Patriot Act impacts almost every aspect of employment law. Workplace privacy and discrimination are two key areas. What are the implications of the Patriot Act on workplace privacy and discrimination? What roles can HRM professionals play in managing the impact of The Patriot Act on these areas in the workplace? Be sure to c

New Manager

You are the newly appointed department manager. Your department has not been performing well, and you have been investigating why. You soon realize that the firm has had no formal performance appraisal system. Supervisors that need to do a better job have not been receiving any kind of formal feedback. To correct this situ

Control over workplace safety discussed

Wherein Does Control Over Workplace Safety Belong? Reading this interesting blog about workplace safety it struck me, is the issue of safety an HR function? When you think about it, the HR department may or may not be directly involved in so many aspects of product production and distribution such that I puzzle about the lim

Identifying a Global Leadership Team

Draft a policy that identifies the top performers in your company. The CEO does not want to limit the number of candidates, but wants the top 15 percent of the company worldwide slotted for future development in all areas, including line and staff. Your challenge is to come up with a strategy to identify the top talent and be ab

Hospitality: Guest Services Management

#1 What is guest service management? Why is it important to a hospitality organization? What are some the challenges faced by guest services managers in providing a high level of guest service? #2 What are some of the trends in guest services management? What challenges and opportunities are presented by these trends? How can

HR International Strategy

1. Discuss the role of HR management in international strategy (with two articles: Going beyond hiring, firing and compensation and Does your HR management support your International Strategy?) 2. Identify and briefly discuss two important concepts applicable to international business administration.

MGMT #1- Three questions

Give detailed answers to the following 3 questions, answers can be found in the case study, to see the case copy the link below and paste it into your link bar. There is no page limit. 1.What is it like to work in this environment? How do you respond to Julie as a leader? Compare Julie as a leader with some of the description

Public Admin Presentation

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation of ten (10) slides addressing the future of public personnel administration that includes the following (Use at least 2 references): 1. Identify and explain four (4) major changes in the U.S. public workforce over the past five (5) years. 2. Describe four (4) major court cases in the past ten