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Human Resources Management

Creating an Action Plan to Reduce HRM Legal Liability

A strategic business role of human resource members is guiding the organization through defining and implementing policies and procedures that ensure a safe, equitable, and compliant workplace. Organizations should have a range of policies and procedures in place to monitor the workplace and actions taken by leaders at all level

Managers and HR Professionals at Sands Corporation: Friends or Foes?

Critical Thinking Questions 1. What seems to be the main source of conflict between supervisors and the HR department and Sands Corporation? Explain. 2. Do you believe that managers should be given more autonomy to make personnel decisions such as hiring, appraising, and compensating subordinates? If so, what are some pote

Human Resources Management: Management Models

You have been the manager of human resources for a firm headquartered in the United States for many years. The firm has divisions all over the United States, as well as overseas. A new chief executive officer (CEO) has just come on board after receiving his master's degree in business from an ivy-league institution. He has great

Human Resources Management: Ethics

I have a questions based on a scenario (which is down below) that need to be answered. I would appreciate if someone can assist me. Thank you! Questions: 1. Describe the involvement of the vice-president's role with respect to the virtual team. Was the VP acting in an ethically responsible manner? 2. The VP is you ment

My Holistic Performance Review

Include information from the following article, Seijts, G. H., & Latham, G. P. (2005). Learning versus performance goals: When should each be used? Academy of Management Executive, 19(1). The article is in EBSCOhost Research Database. 1.Made the performance review perspective holistic by creating a list of stakeholders impo

Position Analysis

The foundation of human resources is the job evaluation/description process. Select a job you are familiar with in the public sector (for example, police officer, teacher, etc) and discuss the best approach to position analysis for that position, along with any challenges that approach would present in accurately completing the

GPS use in business

Solution contains detailed description of how GPS can be used in businessess to increase their effectiveness and organisational performance.

medical staff privileges

Does the concept of 'medical staff privileges' apply only to hospitals, or can other care settings have credentialing processes in place also? Provide the rationale for your answer.

Action Case Analysis: The Employee Whisperer

See attached case files. While you don't have to answer the specific questions below per se, please develop a case analysis using them as a guide. Please use APA. 1. What makes a workplace 'fun'? What are your personal on-the-job experiences with productivity-enhancing fun? Describe them. 2. Why do Kenexa's lea

Translating Strategy into HR Policies and Practices Case

See the attached file. Translating Strategy into HR Policies and Practices case: The Hotel Paris Case Q1. Given the hotel's stated employee preferences, what recruitment sources would you suggest they use and why? Q2. What would a Hotel Paris help wanted ad look like? Q3. How would you suggest they measure the effec

Analyzing alignment, congruence, inputs, outputs, and processes

In Module 3 you spent some time analyzing Outputs. There is a flow, a connection between inputs and outputs, and some transformation processes. Discuss this general topic of analyzing and reviewing alignment and congruence, inputs, outputs, and processes. Is there really any value in doing this type of analysis? If so, what?

Motivational Strategies and Productivity in the Workplace

Examine how various motivational strategies affect productivity in a selected workplace - your own or one with which you are very familiar. Include an explanation of organizational efforts to improve performance, employees' resistance to increasing productivity, and the management's philosophy of motivation and its practices.

Whistle blowing

Choose one of the following three scenarios: A real life example of whistleblowing with which you are personally familiar. A case of whistleblowing you know about from a text or other source. Once you have selected your scenario: Explain whether you did, or would, feel pressure not to report what you know. Explain

Job Rotation: Positive spin on employee perceived negative move

Job rotation has many positive aspects especially when an employee is seeking to transfer to another location or is in line for a promotion. What are the positive and negative aspects of the downward move associated with job rotation? What would you do as a training performance improvement specialist to put a positive spin on wh

Human Resource Power Point presentation

To demonstrate your knowledge and comprehension of the roles, functions, and competencies required in organizations by developing a PowerPoint presentation that provides a synopsis of the general themes learned about Human Resource Management and Development from the perspectives of the organization, employees, the HR practitio

HR Polaroid Case

Attached is a case study on Polaroid. The questions are on attachment 4 has the questions.

Use of a Press Release, message, content and purpose

Since GGI has very little or no market recognition, you decide to explore Public Relations and discuss it with senior management. Public Relations is communication with the public, or even internal to the company, that promotes a positive image for the organization or brand. Choose a Fortune 500 company and visit its website

Workplace Security: Role of budget planning and HR management

Please help with the following problem. Provide at least 100 words in the solution. What are the roles of budget planning and human resource management in planning security for a company or organization? Consider how head administrators of a company or organization decide their company or organization security needs. How doe

Needs assessment of Department of Defense

Assessment of the work processes and key employees Discusses how the organization will change while meeting its strategic challenges in the future. Includes what kinds of workers will be needed; what knowledge, skills, and abilities will be appropriate; what is the compensation system and is it reflective of the market's con

3-5 page Organization analysis based on Human Resource Strategies.

Describes the nature of the organization (provide industry, product/service, a brief history, and position in relation to competition) Identifies significant management personnel Discusses business strategy Defines the specific area of the business you plan to address

3-5 page Organization analysis based on Human Resource Strategies.

Describes the nature of the organization (provide industry, product/service, a brief history, and position in relation to competition) Identifies significant management personnel Discusses business strategy Defines the specific area of the business you plan to address

Design and implementation of business interventions

List and explain four key organizational factors that affect the design and implementation of an intervention. Among these factors, choose any two factors that you think affect the design of change efforts most. Provide a rationale either from personal experience or any other source to support your viewpoint.