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    Comparison of Primary School and Aster Group

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    There are seven case studies in the below two links identified of firms in the U.S., Ireland, Denmark and other locations. These organizations represent a mixture of large and small organizations, public and private, a variety of leadership styles and a variety of change approaches adopted.

    Look through this these sections and select two organizations to compare and contrast their situations, their approaches to change and the successes achieved. Discuss what HRM's role has been in these change-making approaches. Also, add your own observations as you discuss what has taken place in these workplaces.

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    Comparison of Primary School and Aster Group


    This paper will compare the Primary School and the Aster Group showing what changes took place in each of the organizations. It will cover the approach to change for each organization and the successes achieved. Additionally, any HRM role in each company's changes will be discussed along with observations of the change.

    The Primary School

    The primary school had internal and external drivers for change. The approach to the change was addressing that there were indeed reasons for the change, appointing the new head who had new ideas and plans for the school, the parents' successful campaign to get a new school helped in the direction the primary school took.

    The change the head needed to make for the primary school had to do with making the current state of the school part of the health of the entire community. The stakeholders as well as the community itself needed to take a look at the primary school and realize it was part of the future of the success of the children, young adults, and businesses in combination with other educational participants such as the library and the museums in the community (Green, 2011)

    The Challenges:

    1) The head of the school had been there for 10 years and had declining health
    2) The Chairman of Governors was also there too long
    3) The governing body lacked efficient direction
    4) The Ofsted inspection was a future situation
    5) The school's financial posture was tight
    6) It is an overcrowded school
    7) The school is outdated
    8) Morale was bad
    9) The school lacked true leadership
    10) The best thing they had going for them was the ...

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