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    How should companies select expatriate workers?

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    Select any company from any nation which is operating in the international/global market. This company can be your current employer or any other organization that you are familiar with.

    1. Describe the company's policies in selecting expatriate workers.

    2. Based on what you read in the current module, evaluate the policies. Discuss the strengths and/or weakness of current practices adopted by the company.

    3. Provide any recommendations for improvement.

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    Hello! The success of expatriates working in another country depends on a well thought out selection process. The first step is to understand the reasoning behind a company's selection policy in selecting expatriate workers. Does the policy stipulate that the company send an employee overseas because of a certain expertise that is needed in the foreign office? Is this a promotion of sorts for the individual? In other words, what motivates a company to pick one employee over another for an overseas assignment? How long will the employee need to be outside of the United States? Also, does ...

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    A company's selection of expatriate workers should be based on a well thought out policy. What employee qualifications as well as cultural aspects factor into choosing employee expatriates?