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    The problems with expatriates and other global issues

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    1. Why is the failure rate among US expatriate business assignments so high? What can be done to improve this rate?

    2. What are some of the advantages of global sourcing?

    3. What are some IT security, infrastructure, and language issues that companies encounter when expanding globally?

    4. How is R&D managed globally?

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    1. Expatriate failure is most common because all involved are not properly trained to understand and participate in the program. Sending a person to another country involves training so they understand the new living environment, the work environment including work ethic, worker needs, and cultural differences. There is a factor of loneliness and trying to do things the American way with only limited understanding of how this will be seen by the locals. Also, locals are not engaged enough to help the expatriate. Finally, family conditions are difficult. If the family stays behind, there are separation issues, such as we see with military on deployment for long periods. If family goes, are they going to ...

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    Brief discussions on the problems encountered by companies working in other countries, trying to gain entry, and working with expatriates.