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Attitudes toward implementing US HR policies in the Japan

Company A opened their business in Japan and hired 2 Americans to run the company. However, John (the assistant manager) quickly became a "native" resulting in speaking their language, marrying a japanese wife and liviing in japan permenantely. However, George, is concerned for John because he is taking characteristics of a Japanese executive and adapting to the Japanese business culture. George (the manager) wants John to detach his views from Japan and utilize the ideology of the American way to run a business (the US viewpoints). For example. John will not fire an employee who was slacking for 2 years because it is in the Japanese culture not to fire your employee. George believes he should be fired because of his laziness.

Q: How would you describe George and Johns attitudes toward implementing US personnel policies in the Japanese Operations? What are the major reasons for the differences in attidtude.

Me: i think john is following the model of Ploycentrism and George is following Ethnocentrism. (please help me with this problem and elaborate)

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