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    Position Analysis

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    The foundation of human resources is the job evaluation/description process. Select a job you are familiar with in the public sector (for example, police officer, teacher, etc) and discuss the best approach to position analysis for that position, along with any challenges that approach would present in accurately completing the position analysis process.

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    Position analysis of Police Officers:

    Temporary roles of less than six months duration are given temporary grading. The human resource managers should submit the role profile with their recommendation to the employee relations team for a suitable grade for authorization by an HR Adviser in consultation with the unison. Managers are strongly recommended to initiate the full job evaluation process at the start if there is a possibility that a role may go on for longer than six months. If the role extends beyond six months or becomes permanent then the grading must be confirmed through the full job evaluation process (Police staff job evaluation, n.d).

    Police officers work in close contacts with the communities they serve to improve the quality of life for all citizens, prevent crime, protect property and members of the public, reduce fear of crime and maintain law and order. They work in partnership with the public using a wide range of technology to ensure successful prosecutions of those who break the la, identify the perpetrators of crime and to protect individuals. Police officers work closely with members of ...

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