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Human Resources Management

Human Resources: Align, Differentiate and Add Value

1.Three tests for any source of competitive advantage are align, differentiate, and add value. Discuss whether these tests are difficult to pass. Can compensation really be a source of competitive advantage? 2.Internal structures are part of the incentives offered in organizations. Look into any organization: your college, wo

Leadership at Home Depot for Competitive Advantages

Assignment #1 Chap 17 They Can Do It! You can help! A look at Talent Practices at the Home Depot. 1. Discuss how the leadership at Home Depot intended to use its organizational talent to gain a competitive advantage in the Do It Yourself industry. 2. Discuss the key channels that Home Depot developed for recruiting talen

Human Resource Management, Business Employment Law

Given the following independent contractor agreement: 'I agree to provide services to the XYZ Company as an independent contractor. These services include writing software, â??trouble shootingâ? computer network problems, and other tasks that might be assigned. I agree to respond to requests for my services in a timely

Kohlberg's Three Levels of Moral Development

Several conclusions are offered based on Kohlberg's three levels of moral development and the findings of a study of corporate managers. From a business perspective: Do you believe Kohlberg's trends and findings are credible? State whether you agree or disagree, and why. Offer your observation of where you think the moral ba

Assessing Various Interview Techniques

Imagine that you are hiring a new employee and must choose one method. Discuss the pros and cons of each of the following: Behaviorally anchored interviews Behavioral simulation Paper-and-pencil test Virtual test

Wherein Does Control Over Workplace Safety Belong?

http://slidesandnotes.blogspot.com/2011/02/role-of-management-in-improving.html. (1) Put in terms of the Moral point of view. This is not simply a question of "can HR get the job done", so much as, does the modern corporate structure, where HR often is the center of workplace policy, protect employees' rights to a safe wo

Explain the process of organizational developmen: theories, conditions, change

Prepare a paper in which you examine the concept of organizational development. Be sure to address the following items in your examination: Explain the process of organizational development. Identify the theories associated with organizational development. Describe the conditions necessary for successful organizational cha


1. Under stable conditions, concentrated growth poses lower risk than any other grand strategy (Pearce & Robinson p. 190 *). Explain why this is the case. 2. How do you think Online Universities has created today's competitive advantage? Why are those things effective? What must Online Universities do to sustain a competit

HRM Research

5 What statistical analyses would be appropriate in each of the following situations? Explain your rationale. a. You have collected pre-test and post-test scores for a training program in the organization. You want to determine whether the training resulted in increased subject matter knowledge. b. You need to establish an

Compensation and Turnover Rates in a Company

Managers in the finance department believe that the compensation for accounting professionals is below market. They believe this is the cause of high turnover rates in the department. Describe how you would construct a study to test their hypothesis. What data will you need? How will you get it? What type of analysis will be req

Evaluate Behavioral Based Interviewing with Intelligence Tests

See the attached file. As the manager of the Talent Management department, you have been asked to choose between behavioral-based interviewing, in-basket exercises, or written intelligence tests for the selection of managers in the company. Identify three criteria that could be used to evaluate these tests and then, using the t

Human Resource Management Overview

What is human resource management? What is the primary function of human resource management? What is the role of human resource management in an organization's strategic plan?

Customer Service Call Center - HR Advisor Recommendation Report

Imagine a customer service call center has recently hired you, as an HR advisor, to make recommendations to their organizational development and training program. The call center's profit margin has been low and many employees quit after 1 year. The employee who has worked longest has only been there for 2 years, and he is looki

Human Resources: Strategic Staffing Course

Decision Making & the Final Match 1-What roles should HR professionals play in staffing decisions? 2- How should we determine who should be involved? 3-This is an interesting question about who should be involved in the final job offer. We really should have a partnership-as in strategic business partner-with the hiring depar

Human Resources

How do you Pay for Performance in a downward economy? Suggest a start point with relevant issues that may relate to this topic.

Health Care Management in the United States

The debate about where individual responsibility ends and social responsibility should begin continues. Medicaid is shouldering an ever-increasing burden of cost for long-term care for the elderly, with enormous impacts on state budgets throughout the nation. - Discuss alternatives to ease this drain on Medicaid resources.

emerging HR issues

Choose three or four emerging HR issues that affect your division. Your choices must reflect your predictions for priorities and concerns in your division's HRM plan. Write a 500- to 650-word detailed analysis, explaining how these issues and cultural considerations affect your division and the strategic plans. Create a c

Human Resource Management in Organizations

See attached case files. Read and answer 2 questions in the text for each case study. This is a MBA Master work for Human Resource Management. Please see attached for articles and questions. Book title: Human Resource Management, 13th Edition, 2011 Author: Robert L. Mathis and John H. Jackson ----------------------------

Effective Communication - Human Resources

Please assist me with the below question (s). How can you become a more effective communicator? How can you express your feelings and emotions to individuals in the workplace? How can you express to another individual that you have heard and processed his or her feelings and emotions?

Case for OD model best for Industrial Services of America, Inc.

BACKGROUND The case for this course is a little different from most classes, because it is an ongoing case analysis, and we call it the Integrative Case Project. In this Module, Case 1 is about understanding OD models and applying them to a specific organization. In Case 2 and Case 3, you will use one specific OD model to

HRM Case Study Analysis: Accept things as they are - for Jane Harris

Identify the issues in the following case study as it relates to the questions asked below. Please provide references. Review the case studies in Ch. 2 of Human Resource Management. Choose one for this assignment. Write a paper of no more than 1,050 words in which you explain the following points: 1) A case summary 2)


Students will evaluate the design and implementation of a recruiting and selection process (case will describe a number of ineffective practices, a mismatch between job description and selection assessments, issues around adverse impact, and actions taken that are not in line with applicable federal laws). Once evaluated, stude

Organization structures and management questions

Describe the qualities of an organic organization structure. Identify strategies and dynamic organizational concepts that can improve an organization's responsiveness. Describe what specialized tasks have to be performed, and how labor is divided at the organization? How does the company integrate the work of these different un

Managing Ethical Standards

You are leading a U.S. based firm with operations in several other countries as well. How will you ensure the firm's local managers comply with the firm's ethical standards? How will you deal with the differences in business practices?

Four basic requirements to ensure competitive advantage

See attached article. - Identify the four basic requirements that are mentioned in Wright and McMahan (1992) article (attached) to ensure a source of sustained competitive advantage? - Look at your organization and try to assess whether or to what extent the four basic requirements are met. - Discuss the implication of that