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Hiring women and minorities improved Xerox's profitability.

Discuss how human resource professionals can ensure that top organizational leaders encourage managers and employees to follow laws and guidelines.

Discuss how hiring women and minorities improved Xerox's profitability.

. Identify the changes that Xerox made to become a more attractive employer for women and minorities.

Evaluate whether or not hiring and promoting women and minorities has been unfair to white men.


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Xerox Company is a global enterprise which is concerned with the management of business process as well as dealing in document management. The company deals with the provision of services, various products, and services which are designed for office printing environments. IT outsourcing services and business processes are some of the services which the company is also involved in. The primary operation of the company is in the United States and it has an approximate of 136, 500 people (DATAMONITOR: Xerox Corporation, 2011).

Human Resource Professionals and Organizational Guidelines:

An organizations human resource management has the responsibility of ensuring that the employees available in the organization follow the set rules and guidelines within the organization to ensure that there is an efficient workflow and coordination within the organization.

The professionals within the human resource can ensure that the employees adhere to the set rules and guidelines through a number of ways such as providing incentives which ensure that the employees performance are motivated. This will assist in minimizing any issues which are related to the job matters and distracts the employees' job morale. ...

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The expert examines hiring women and minorities improve Xerox's profitability. The changes Xerox has made to become a more attractive employwea for women and minorities are given.