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Employee Workplace Safety: Whose responsible? HR and Safety


(1) Put in terms of the Moral point of view. This is not simply a question of "can HR get the job done", so much as, does the modern corporate structure, where HR often is the center of workplace policy, protect employees' rights to a safe workplace and provide for the greater good.

(2) There are a number of strategies than can be used by organizations to ensure a healthy and safe workplace and ensure compliance with legal requirements. Such as: Knowledge of risk, Highest level of protection possible, and The risk is necessary and unavoidable.

(3) Explain why the issues is vastly more complex and more difficult.

Focus on the moral point of view and show why the recommendations do or do not promote good and respect the right to a safe workplace.

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1 - As a standard practice, the majority of today's organizations operating in the United States have mandated a safe and healthy work environment for their employees. In order to remain legal and compliant, all companies have to operate within the minimum safety guidelines that are required under safety compliance laws mandated by the department of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA). However, simply providing a program that identifies guidelines for legal compliance may not be enough (Raines, 2011).

From a moral perspective, an organization that truly cares about the safety of its employees will consistently take steps to ensure employees are protected in their work environment (Raines, 2011). In this type of an organization, the culture of safety first will be driven from the CEO down to the lowest levels of management. In an environment where safety is truly a key, and keeping your employee's safe is of the utmost concern, the key individuals and their roles in the safety programs will be identified and they will be held responsible for ensuring a safe work place exists (Raines, 2011). This will prevent the burden ...

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Research describing HR and Safety's roles and whose responsible for workplace safety of employees. Solution provides key examples and conclusions with APA references.