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Evaluate Kellogg's Company Pay and Reward Strategy

I need to find out what pay and reward strategy Kellogg's company is currently using and evaluate it in the face of new challenges and changing conditions.

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Kellogg's pay and reward strategy:

'Reward' is a term used to cover financial provisions which are provided to an employee including both the cash pay and benefits such as pensions, paid leave and so on. Reward may also be used to refer to a wider employee provision with the term total reward encompassing elements such as training opportunities (reward and pay, 2011). Companies usually employ pay and reward strategies to assist in the process of handling of financial issues or matters regarding the organization.

Kellogg Company is a business organization involved in the manufacturing of cereal products which are ready to eat and such as cookies, cereal bars, meat alternatives and waffles (Company Spotlight: Kellogg Company, 2006). Kellogg Company is known to be a world player in the production of quality food products as well as offering of advanced carrier opportunities, rapid advancements, responsibilities and exceptional rewards. As much as the organization is serious about rewards, it is also serious about the success of its employees since the ...

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