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Given the following independent contractor agreement:

'I agree to provide services to the XYZ Company as an independent contractor. These services
include writing software, â??trouble shootingâ? computer network problems, and other tasks
that might be assigned. I agree to respond to requests for my services in a timely fashion.
I realize that I am free to consult for other companies and to use my own best
professional judgment in determining how to provide these services to XYZ Co. I agree
that I will be paid at the rate of $35/hr for all time spent performing services for the XYZ

What, if anything, is good about this agreement? What, if anything is problematic about
this agreement? Should it say other things?

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The positive aspects of this agreement are:

There are not many positive aspects of this agreement.
1. The contract sets out the rate for any and all services that the contractor will perform and there is no indication that it can be changed.

The problems with this agreement are:

1. The contract does not specify what types of services are to be provided as an independent contractor. It should ...

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