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Human Resources Management

Management policies for HRM and cultural factors in India

Explain how you would manage the following orgranizational functions for your venture in the selected country. * the country is India * Human resources management and cultural factors. You should present examples of HRM policies you would deploy.

Campus Food Systems: Safe and healthy workplace

CAMPUS FOOD SYSTEMS As part of a master's program in food services management, Cindy Breen has just begun her internship with Campus Food Systems (CFS). CFS is a self-operated university food service department at Cindy's alma mater, Gulfport State College. As a department, CFS reports directly to the vice president of admini

Effect of global cultures, differences, communication

Describe the term culture. How does culture affect international business? What are some global cultural issues that affect international business? Provide examples to support your answer. What types of cultural differences are relevant to managers working in dissimilar cultures? What might managers do to address cu

Analysis and Recommendations: Automating the HR Function and HRIS

You are an HR Consultant who was hired to provide some recommendations to an office on how to automate their HR functions. There are several issues facing this HR office for which you will provide technology recommendations. Based on the scenario provided in this scenario titled 'Business Background', you will be providing some

The employee disciplinary process involves many people and often includes supervisors, human resource departments, the work group, arbitrators and top management. Each has a crucial role to play if the discipline system is to be effective. Discuss the elements of your company's discipline system or process and explain whether you feel it is effective or not in handling difficult or ineffective employees

The employee disciplinary process involves many people and often includes supervisors, human resource departments, the work group, arbitrators and top management. Each has a crucial role to play if the discipline system is to be effective. Discuss the elements of your company's discipline system or process and explain whethe

Human Resources for Relocation

Housing / Relocation - Assuming these managers have sold their homes over the past 3-5 years, you will need to facilitate temporary living quarters for them and help them with their relocation and transfer of goods from overseas back to their new home once purchased

Summary of Meeting Notes with Librarian

Can you read the attached file and combine and summarize the individual meeting notes in 1-2 pages? "Each student is expected to meet (in-person, by phone, Skype or other communication means) with a reference librarian at University and discuss their research topic with the goal in mind to learn about use of University's data

Global Human Resources: Salary levels for expatriates working in Iraq

If you were a host-country national (HCN), would you think salaries should be equal between HCNs and expatriates in equivalent positions, even though the cost of living is lower in the host country? Suppose you were a president of a subsidiary in a host country, and as a parent-country national (PCN), you have a salary five time

Human Resource: Job Study at Dirt Finder after a Tsunami

Job Study at Dirt Finder About six months ago a tsunami ripped through a town where the Dirt Finder Professional Vacuum Cleaner Company is located. About one-third of the organization's 200 employees were left homeless. The firm has since made contact with a majority of those employees and learned that they either plan to l

School of Business Case Study

The School of Business, one unit in a public university enrolling over 40,000 students, has approximately 2,100 students in its bachelors, masters, and doctorate programs emphasizing such areas of business as accounting, finance, information and operations management, marketing, management, and others. Because the School of Busi

Human Resource Application: Selling It

HR Application 1: Selling It Imagine that you are the compensation specialist for a large manufacturing organization in the U.S. Your organization makes and sells a product (YOU get to choose what the product is) in the global marketplace. Develop a compensation package for the position of a Salesperson in your organization.

Organizational Structure in a Restaurant

You are hired as a business consultant by owner of a popular restaurant because a number of customers have complained about service. The owner believes the root of the problem is the restaurant is not organized for efficient operations. Further, if the organizational structure and operations were changed, she believes better cus

Staffing Strengths

Give two examples of staffing strengths and weaknesses of an organization with which you are familiar.

Challenges in Implementing Nonfinancial Segments

Identify three nonfinancial segments of total reward and discuss how each could be implemented, especially across cultures or within a local multicultural labour pool. What challenges might managers face in implementing such segments?

Workplace Securtiy

The security manager has several roles within an organization. Identify and describe each of these roles. Discuss specifically how the security managers can influence the factors that tend to create liability for an organization. In your discussion, include how these factors can be minimized. Introduction to Security Operatio

Hiring women and minorities improved Xerox's profitability.

Discuss how human resource professionals can ensure that top organizational leaders encourage managers and employees to follow laws and guidelines. Discuss how hiring women and minorities improved Xerox's profitability. . Identify the changes that Xerox made to become a more attractive employer for women and minorities.

HRM Practice for Total Performance Organizations

Almost every organization with more than 200 employees or more has at least one significant conflicting HRM practice, which undermines the total performance of the organization at least marginally - examples abound. Discuss one or more conflicting practices you have experienced and recommend one or more alternative HRM pract

SAS and Organizational Strategy

Consider how SAS used organizational strategy to drive HRM practices. What are they doing that is different than most others? How and why did SAS do what they did? What was their goal? How did it work out? How did it impact their employees in terms of retention, satisfaction, and productivity? Could your firm do what SAS did? Ex

Human Resources Management: Intrinsic Motivators

How can intrinsic motivators and extrinsic rewards blend to maximize productivity? How do social needs motivate behavior? What are the various rewards available in today's workplace, at the company level, and at the manager-to-employee level? How can you assess employee needs to tailor effective rewards?

HR management essential factors for expanding

Identify and explain the essential factors that a human resource manager must consider prior to their company expanding into a new country located in the United Arab Emirates. Present your analysis in an "action plan" format that lays out the steps to developing a labor force for your company's new subsidiary.

Major factors, economic and non-economic, that strategic HRM can address

Looking at the broader context within which Canadian organizations operate, what are the major factors, both economic and non-economic, that strategic HRM can address? If you were the director of HR at a large Canadian organization, what strategies would you adopt to improve the climate (or work culture) within your organizatio

Promoting Roles, Behaviors, and Work Outcomes for Evaluation

Imagine a performance evaluation system that promotes roles, behaviors, and work outcomes appropriate to achieve organizational strategic objectives throughout the firm. What would such a system look like? Would it be similar to the one used in your organization? How would individual and/or team performance assessment be conduct