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HR Polaroid Case

Attached is a case study on Polaroid. The questions are on attachment 4 has the questions.

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The overall growth strategy of Polaroid was differentiation through innovation. The HR strategy and planning was recruiting personnel that were educated and focused towards research. Even before the Polaroid camera was launched the products the company sold were based on technological breakthroughs. For example, Land developed the polarizing process that had eluded other scientists. The HR planning was to recruit persons that were appropriate for a technologically advanced work environment. Further, the HR strategy was to make its personnel a part of the enthusiasm that went into Polaroid production. The focus was on research and on improving the product, namely instant cameras.
When employment declines, it is usually the fault of the top management. The operational employees have little responsibility because usually they do not develop the company strategy. For instance, in case of Polaroid, Land continued with his ...

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