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Human Resources Management

Performance Management and Employee Services

Personnel Issues As the new HR Manager, you have put together some preliminary reports for the CEO. One of the reports you compiled focuses on employee turnover. The company you work for is an organization with aggressive expansion goals. In the last 2 years, it has continually hired new employees, yet it has not achieved

HR Management & Law

Discrimination and Retaliation (Race, Gender, Age, Religious, Disability) Please provide some solid ideas and research websites for FEDEX pertaining to the following subjects: ? First, please describe the organization you have chosen from the Fortune list. What number is it on the list? Provide a paragraph discussing th

Position in Human Resources

See the attached file. 1) Who should the top three choices be for this position? List them in rank order and provide rationale. 2) What consideration should be given to by the Ad Hoc committee on Diversity that Mr. Jackson should be hired since he meets the minimum qualifications and Dynamo has an affirmative action progr

HR Planning Process Presentation and Paper

I have very little knowledge in this subject and this assignment calls for a presentation and I am very weak in this area. Please review and let me know if anyone can guide me in the right direction to research a strategic plan. Thanks! ****************************** Individual Assignment: HR Planning Process Presentation >

Data Analysis of Beta Technologies employee salary structure

See attached data file. Problem 1 (A through C), on page 400. Hint: Answer Problem 1 Part C using the results from Part B. Consider the frame of 52 full-time employees of Beta Technologies, Inc. Beta's hr manager has collected current annual salary figures and related data for these employees. In particular, these data in

HR Management and Law: Parental discrimination cases. Importance of Lockwood case

For your first case assignment, you will be examining a relatively new discrimination topic in HRM. The topic is "family responsibilities discrimination." Please read the article, "Win in parental discrimination cases raises issues for employers" at

proposal Wal-Mart

Because the company is growing, its culture is changing for better and worse. You decide to complete your plan by including a section that talks about the organizational culture. Include the following: o Select a change you believe is needed in your organization's culture. o Identify obstacles to that change and ways to over

Management Challenges and Concerns Report

Assume you are working on HRM responsibilities at either a real or fictitious organization and you have been asked to join a committee to present a report on management challenges. Assume you have been working on the committee for a few months and you are now about to present a report to the committee: This report must clearly

Accurate information

I am working on a paper asking me to assess the impact of the Internet on the performance of the global value chain. Specifically, I need help to describe how an organization can achieve accurate information in a global environment.

HR Risk: Management's Primary Responsibilities to Employees

Discuss the HR role as it relates to managing Risk Management. The assignment is listed below. Locate an article (any source) on one best practice exercised by any HR management. This could be your own organization, if there is an article or newsletter, or a famous organization or one that has a supporting article to include.

Roles of the HR Professional

Compare the operational and strategic roles of the HR professional in sustaining a legally compliant work environment. Address the following areas: Operational Role - Employee advocate - Reducing costs and risks - Role in legal proceedings - Providing functional services Strategic Role

HRM questions: training vs development, MNC differences, employee development

1. What is the relationship between employee training and employee development? Are both necessary within an organization? Which is more important to an organization's development and why? 2. In your opinion, what is the best way to deliver policies, procedures, and training to employees working abroad? How do human resource

Health Care Administration: HR Training

Discuss training as an HR issue within the health care industry. Find a minimum of five (5) sources from which to report on the topic. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, and the textbook may be used, but do not count toward the 5-sources requirement. Recent journals, magazines, books, pamphlets, web information, and personal inter

Human Resource Management Plan

A human resources management plan for a Special Education Teacher employment position. Assist human resources professionals to choose, train, and develop successful Special Education Teacher toward helping the school meet its goals. Use one human resources journal and at least one reputable Web site for human resources

Develop a Human Resources department to support Titan Company.

Can you help me to develop/write (the below 6 titles) a Human Resources department according to the data below. 1. Identify Compensation Practices 2. Identify Benefit Offerings (HW - personalized benefits statement) 3. New Employee Orientation process (book outlines a process/homework) 4. Training & Development

HR relationship to leadership: Recuitment, staffing, organizational culture

I've come to recognize that it's also important to understand that technology drives the logic of the new economy to the next step - to people (the knowledge workers) whose skills, abilities, and commitments will ultimately determine whether a company can be successful. And intellectual capital will go where it is wanted and it

Motivational Strategies for McDonald's

Motivational strategies - McDonald's happens to be a strong competitive cutting edge company. Identify which of the following strategies McDonald's uses to motivate employees with explanation. Please provide references. a. Employee empowerment b. Selection and training c. Incentives d. Benefits e. Quality programs f

Theories of Convergence, Divergence, and Crossvengence

When the goal of a headquarters is to integrate closely with a subsidiary, it becomes essential to understand culturally-defined behaviours and values, in addition to local laws and practices. How useful are theories of convergence, divergence and crossvergence in explaining the complexities of relationships between headquart

Managing Human Resources

Scenario: You are the human resources director for the National Lewis and Clark Corporation (NL&C). NL&C is a 2-year-old innovative-service organization that has grown from 5 employees to 250 employees, with most of that growth occurring in the past 6 months. You joined the organization 2 months ago, when the company presid

Human Resources Management: How does HR planning influence an organization?

1. Human resource planning is considered the most important component of the human resource management (HRM) structure. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain your answer. How does human resource planning influence an organization? 2. Fundamentals of Human Resource Management introduces five job analysis method

Managing Human resources

NL&C has several disabled employees. In interviews with them, you gather that they feel they are not being treated fairly. You have never dealt with this situation before, so some benchmarking and discussion are a good idea. You decide to do some research on the protections afforded employees under ADA. You want to create a

Please help

What's important with job assessment is that the HR professional defines the job's overall objectives (i.e., Why does the job exist? What are major results to be achieved?). Another key component to job analysis are the key functions of the job (the priorities of the various functions, the time spent on each function, etc.). Add