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    Proposal for Triangle Solutions

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    Develop a written proposal outlining a specific product or service idea you have for Triangle Solutions. Triangle's company type and product area have been left unspecified in order to allow you creativity in invention of your own product ideas and exploration of areas of interest in the market. You may not use the same area or idea used in previous assignments.

    Part 1: Proposal

    Your professional proposal should describe a new product idea in detail, giving brief consideration to the feasibility of the following categories:

    the industry
    market size
    team requirements
    scalability of product
    financials (whether or not the product can be sold for more than it costs to make it profit potential)
    Your product idea must pass feasibility tests for it to be a viable product idea. Future class assignments will further investigate each of these areas in greater depth and will build from the information you identify and deliver within this assignment.

    Part 2: Subsidiary Company

    Then, provide the strategy to be employed to get ideas implemented internally, or describe the reasons why a product idea should be spun off into a new subsidiary company owned by Triangle Solutions. Important aspects of this outline are as follows:

    the practical definition of the multidisciplinary team that the product idea requires
    describing the different types of team members needed and their respective skill sets
    where one would find them for an intrapreneurial versus entrepreneurial approach.

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    //In this paper, new product development idea has been described and the other factors are also considered like how will industry react or what will be the scope of product in the market, what kind of team is required, and the multidisciplinary teams are helpful for opening a new subsidiary of the firm.//

    Today market and technology are growing day-by-day. The customers want security of the information. They use Internet frequently and became victims of various malware, Trojans, bugs etc. They need in-built anti-virus software that does not require frequent updation. The company Triangle solution captured the need and requirement of the customers, so it decided to launch an anti-virus.

    Triangle solution is a solution provider for document management scanning and imaging needs. It acts as a value added reseller. The company is now trying to expand its business. The company has gone into software field. It has started to help clients in dealing and using the products and services by supporting them in fulfilling their needs of handling software operations (Triangle solution technology your solution provider, 2006).

    As competition is increasing and the use of technology has increased to gain competitive advantage, triangle solution provider can expand into a new arena of anti-virus software development for its supported application. It can also grow in making animated banner. The company is managing images and document. The company deals in software also. Therefore it can easily jump into the sphere of making animated banner and anti-virus development. The company is using expansion strategy to diverse into line of business.

    //This portion of the text deals with the team requirements, industry and the market share of the company relative to the competitors //

    Industry and Market share

    The market of anti-virus grew by 13.6% in 2005 as reported by firm Gartner (Kirk, 2006). The future prospects of the market were also good. The strongest growth is in Middle East, Africa and Asia/Pacific region. It is a good market opportunity for triangle solution.

    The industry growth of animated banner is low, so the company can try to capture the market share with the help of professionals. There are many companies in this area, but they don't provide free anti virus software for the application. The software ...

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