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Southwest Airline from a management perspective

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In no more than two pages, double spaced, a) discuss several problems or issues facing Southwest Airlines from a Management Accounting perspective, b) discuss potential solutions to these problems or issues, and c) select those which you believe are most promising. Discuss your rationale for this selection.

Southwest Airlines: Case Study in Managerial Accounting. Access online @ http://onlinembastudy.blogspot.com/2010/03/southwest-airlines-case-study-in.html

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Title: South west airlines from a management perspective

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South West Airlines from a Management Perspective
For over a long period of time, south west airlines has provided a benchmark for other airlines in the industry for operational excellence. This is a fine example of a company that is committed to its core competencies with efficient operations to drive its low cost structure, innovative HR management practices and an outstanding delivery of customer service.

South West Airline was the first airline to offer online booking in the year 2001 whereby about 40 percent of its customer's revenue was generated. The costs per booking were $1 compared to a cost $6 to $8 costs per booking made through travel agents. This airline has managed to maintain its profitability even after the ...

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The expert examines Southwest Airline from a management perspectives.

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