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Current systems, advantages, disadvantages, benefits

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Write a paper describing Riodrian Manufacturing's networking system

Telephone systems.

- Identify current systems.
- Explain advantages and disadvantages of systems.
- Present recommendations and benefits


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Riordan Manufacturing's Networking System

Identify current systems.

Different sets of business systems are utilized by business for them to run successfully. With both technology and business changes however, the systems in place require frequent changing, a scenario which most businesses simply cannot afford due to the cost implications. Riordan Manufacturing systems are contained within their operations, accounting, finance, legal, sales, and human resources as well as within their marketing departments. These systems either do not function as they were meant to, or are absolutely obsolete. The buyout of locations both in Michigan and Georgia have greatly contributed to Riordan's escalated costs which have been phenomenal. While a couple of Riordan's locations seem to have enough computing platforms, it can be deemed that locations such as the one in Michigan needs upgrades in order to incorporate the firm's new standards as well as operating systems features.

Upgrades within the Albany, GA location would need probably at least upgrades that are closes to the eight P1-233 MHz workstations that have 64 MB of RAM. This would also encompass memory upgrades which can be sourced for cheaply, ...

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Telephone current systems, advantages and disadvantages for benefits are examined.