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    Human Resources Scenarios: Interviews, Policy, & Termination

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    Complete the scenarios below. The use of one source is required. Please cite all sources in APA format.

    Scenario 1

    Suppose you are a human resource professional at a large retail store. You want to improve the company's hiring process by creating standard designs for interviews, so that every time someone is interviewed for a particular job category, that person answers the same questions. You also want to make sure the questions asked are relevant to the job and maintain equal employment opportunity and legal compliance.

    Think of three questions to include in interviews for each of the following jobs. For each question, in detail state why you think it should be included.

    a. Cashier at one of the company's stores.
    b. Buyer of the stores' teen clothing line.
    c. Accounts payable clerk at company headquarters.

    Scenario 2

    A member of a restaurant's serving staff is chronically late to work. From the organization's point of view, what fairness issues are involved in deciding how to handle this situation? In what ways might the employee's and other servers' ideas of fairness be different? How would a formal discipline policy help the organization address issues of fairness?

    Scenario 3

    The company you work for is acquiring another company. As a result, there will be combined functions, so to prevent redundant inefficient activities, some employees must be terminated.

    What processes would you go through to determine which employees must be let go? Are there any legal issues that can occur with the terminations?

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    Human Resource Scenarios

    Scenario I

    Interview questions for the following job positions:

    I. Cashier at one of the company's stores (Henderson, 2011):
    1) What is your prior experience as a cashier?
    This should be asked to find out if this applicant is a good fit in the organization. This would let the manager know if the applicant needs training and what investment the company would have to make in order to get the applicant trained.
    2) Would you be able to work flexible times and shifts?
    It should be included in order to find out how this applicant would be able
    to fill in for employees who might call out. This would be a valuable asset for the applicant to have as this would give the manager security in employee coverage.
    3) Describe a time you went above and beyond in your work position.
    This is an important question because it shows the character of the applicant and willingness to cooperate and assist consumers or co-workers.

    II. Buyer of the stores' teen clothing line (Eastridge, 2011):
    1) What is your background in becoming a buyer especially of teen clothing?
    This would allow the applicant to reveal his or her expertise in buying and
    how it pertains to this particular buyer level of specifically "teen clothing."
    2) What do you feel you can bring to the table becoming a buyer of teen clothing?
    This question allows for the applicant to reflect on their abilities and to interject their talents that can be utilized by the company.
    3) Describe the process you use for purchasing a new line of teen clothing and your ability to monitor inventory?
    This would tell you if the applicant knows how a buyer approaches finding
    out new information and pricing on the latest fad in teen styles along with
    keeping pace with inventory supply.

    III. Accounts Payable clerk at company headquarters (VanBaren, 2011):
    1) How much and what kind of financial background do you have pertaining ...

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