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    HRM: Training Program for Fabrics, Inc.

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    Review the Training Program (Fabrics, Inc.) case in Effective Training:

    a. This case pointed out some nontraining needs. How would you deal with them? Why is this important?

    b. Were the correct people involved in this process?

    c. What did you learn about the process of developing a training program? List at least three major learnings for you and provide some details around what you learned.

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    a. This case pointed out some non-training needs. How would you deal with them? Why is this important?

    Non-training needs are an essential part of understanding where your organization is failing. It is apparent in this case that the supervisors had no proper training in the supervisory level. This is leading to complaints by employees, and most detrimental, complaints by customers. In order to deal with the same, I, as the owner, first would have a meeting with all supervisors to explain the seriousness of the situation and the complete lack of professionalism that they are exhibiting. Thereafter, I would require each to attend a training seminar of some sort in order to understand the proper way in dealing with employees and customers. I think the owner is taking the proper steps to try and alleviate the issues that have now been exhibited by the supervisors by attempting to have a consultant come in and try to understand the problems and see if proper training can ...

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