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    Alegent Health

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    Based on the case provided in the link below (Alegent Health), and then discuss the questions at the end of the case with 1-3 pages.


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    1. Alegent's practices match with the recommended retention practices covered in the chapter. The act of paring an experienced nurse with a new nurse is simply a mentor program. The "preceptor" program is similar to the mentor program, where the experienced nurse advises the new nurse on her role in the organization, her responsibilities, and her rights. The preceptor may even advise the new nurses at Alegent about their career prospects, the decisions she should make, and the focus of her work. If there is an inequity done to the new nurse, the preceptor may take up the case with the management and ensure that the nurse gets justice. This improves the motivation of the new nurse and she refrains from leaving her position.
    Another practice that parallels the retention practice discussed is the ...

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