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TCO 8) All of the following are steps in human resource planning EXCEPT
job analysis.
job evaluation.
forecasting human resource supply.
forecasting human resource demand.
plan for dealing with predicted shortfalls or overstaffing.

2. (TCO 8) The most appropriate training technique for PepsiCo to teach its employees to make ethical decisions would be
web-based training.
case discussion groups.
on-the-job training.
assigned readings.
programmed instruction.

3. (TCO 8) ____ is used to determine the relative value of jobs within the organization.
Job analysis
Job evaluation
The wage-level decision
The individual wage decision
Performance evaluation

4. (TCO 8) Wal-Mart rewards high performers with the chance to model or choose a family member to model, for their sales flyers. Wal-Mart is attempting to meet associate's ____ needs.

5. (TCO 8) Ellen claims her job is so easy she goes to work to relax after a busy weekend. She says she'll never retire. Using Herzberg's theory of motivation
Ellen needs to satisfy her actualization need.
existence is the need most important to Ellen.
hygiene factors are more important to Ellen than motivators.
the need for affiliation motivates Ellen.
Ellen has a high effort-to-performance expectancy level.

6. (TCO 8) Palash notices that no matter how high or low his production, his boss does not give him any reward or punishment. Which of the following is true for Palash?
His efforts are low.
His performance-to-outcome expectancy is low.
The sum of his outcome valences is high.
His effort-to-performance expectancy is low.
None of these choices.

7. (TCO 8) Your boss is notorious for firing people for trivial matters. Your boss uses ____ to influence the behavior of others.

8. (TCO 9) Isabelle likes abstract concepts. This trait illustrates the ____ dimension of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

9. (TCO 9) If you perceive that one method of completing a task is the most efficient, but your coworker perceives that her idea is better, the ____ components of your attitudes differ.

10. (TCO 9) Martha had parents who were perfectionists. She has been very successful in running her business, but she is overly critical of herself. Martha has low
risk propensity.
locus of control.

11. (TCO 8) You are a supervisor at Meridian Plastics Corporation, with 25 people under your supervision. You do not have the power to hire and fire employees, grant pay raises, or promote people. Furthermore, the union contract severely limits your ability to move people around from one work assignment to another. You are not allowed to give compensatory time off. In general, you lack control over the material things people value. Describe your situation in terms of the various reinforcement techniques available to you.

12. (TCO 9) Assume that the employees in your organization do not have high levels of job satisfaction or organizational commitment. How will you go about trying to improve these attitudes?


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